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please no!

read more about the rumor here
Hey everyone today is very exciting for us here at Segaxtreme for its the day of our first official stream, Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie Sorry it was suppose to be up at 8AM but we had problems with the server but its up now for you all to enjoy so go to the Streaming section and check it out. We hope you like it.

OK OK i hear not many of you are liking the media player 9 video so we are switching to 8. The 56k stream is already converted to wm8 and is online now. I will have the cable stream done in a few hours.

OK Guys iv finally got the broadband version of sonic convered for wm8 its online now hope you all enjoy it.
Phantasy Star 2, 3 and 4 soundtracks are now available to download in the Genesis Soundtrack section! One of the greatest RPG series out period and the soundtracks are spectacular to boot! Check out Bo's work! Have at it all you Phantasy Star freaks! :cheers
If this is a good port, this could make for a must have GBA for Sega fans.


Look for it in stores!

It includes:

After Burner


Space Harrier

Super Hang On
Bad Video Game Trends

This guy is hilarious as to how he depicts video games today. So check out the site!

"Check out any game site and you can find praise for the game Kingdom Hearts for PS2. I played this game for a couple hours and hated it. Why? Because the first hour or so is nothing but running and fetching stupid items. I wanted to scream at the screen, “Get your own fucking coconuts you lazy bitch! Do I have to do everything myself?” The answer is usually yes…yes you do have to do everything yourself. I’m sure it gets better as the game goes but I didn’t wait to find out."