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RAW - Another World for Sega Saturn.
I've decided to release my latest port, while waiting for the C4 results:

It's RAW, an interpreter for Another World ( game data, so you can play it on your Sega Saturn.

This port is not part of the contest (i coded it in the last weeks), so i thought that releasing it would bring no harm :-)

You can get it from here:

Source code included.

Some notes:

* It doesn't include game files as it would be illegal redistributing them.

* I've tested it mostly on real hardware, so i cannot assure how well it beheaves on emulators

* Should work OK at 50hz, but 60hz is much much better imho Smile

* It's BETA, even though the game seems to work pretty well.


I've uploaded RAW for Saturn BETA2. Here are the news in this version:

* Sound mixing on slave SH cpu

* Vertical screen centering

* PAL/NTSC specifing timing fixes

You can download it from here.

Additional infos and notes in the included README, enjoy everyone!

Holy shit , i'm surprised you got it running at playable speed , good workSmile
Amazing job Hkz Bigthumb

The games run really well on Saturn. Your Saturn specific source code looks great and could be reused on more ports.
Interesting release Smile

I don't have the game, but I'll definitely take a look at the source code ...
Great news, thanks for this release, hkzlab Clap! Now let's see where to get the game files from, I can't wait to play it on Saturn, myself.
Thanks everyone Smile

Here is what i'm preparing now: surprise
One of the Pitfall games, maybe ?

It's another "cinematic" platform game from delphine.
I love Flashback Smile

I spent countless hours on it when it came out ...

You're on the way to create something similar to ScummVM but on Saturn (and for Delphine games Biggrin) that's great !
yeah, flashback is a great game imho.

Anyway i need to correct you: i just ported the engines, not written them :-)

The original author (cyx) must get full credit for that!

He is the author of RAW too, and being REminiscence (the Flashback engine) structure very similar, i had an easy time adapting my code.

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