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New SMS Game - Digger Chan
The game is built using all new components. Featuring full quality game cartridge, plastic clamshell case, colour insert and instruction manual.

The game is compatible with both PAL and NTSC Master System consoles. It can also be played on a Game Gear handheld when used with a Master System converter. Unfortunately the game is not playable on Mega Drive/Genesis consoles.

The official discussion thread for the game in is on the Sega8bit forum: Digger Chan
I'm sure you could play it on our Mega Drive if you had a Mega Converter.
Genesis isn't 100% backward compatible. There are some quirks, and this game apparently runs into one.
It's not just one of those controller quirks? There's a few games that just won't play on the powerbase right unless you have a real SMS controller plugged in.

Strangely enough there's also some genesis games that simply won't play right unless you have the right controller plugged in (and not talking 6/3-button either), or the right revision of the console!
Actually, the most common "bug" in MD games with regards to the controllers is failing when a MegaMouse is plugged into one of the ports. I used to keep my MegaMouse plugged in all the time, but have since changed to keeping it unplugged unless using a game I know uses it since so many games fail (usually lock up) when the mouse is plugged in.

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