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32X Conversion Cable

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by SEGA_Teufel::Ger, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. SEGA_Teufel::Ger

    SEGA_Teufel::Ger New Member

    Hello all!!!

    First I want say sorry for my bad english I'm from Germany.

    At eBay I have bought me a PAL Mega Drive1 and a Mega CD2 and at home I have a PAL Mega Drive2 and a 32x.

    Now I want to use a combination of Mega Drive1, Mega CD2 and 32x, but I have a problem. When I have bought me the 32x there wasn't the Conversion Cable in the packet and now i can't connect the 32x to the MD.

    Can somebody tell me if it is possible to built the cable by my own. What plugs I need and what is the pin allocation?

    P.S. I have read about a Mega Drive Mod in this forum and I have understand it, too. But can somebody tell me what switches i can use(firm name;knowing number;where can I buy them etc).
  2. SEGA_Teufel::Ger

    SEGA_Teufel::Ger New Member

    Can somebody help me, please?
  3. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Sega Parts appears to have the conversion cable for $2US.
  4. SEGA_Teufel::Ger

    SEGA_Teufel::Ger New Member

    Ok thx for this link. But this shop is in America and I live in Europe and the dispatch is a bit high.
  5. JDAdams

    JDAdams New Member

  6. SEGA_Teufel::Ger

    SEGA_Teufel::Ger New Member

    Ok, thanks for that info JDAdams.

    Do somebody know what plugs I need?
  7. JDAdams

    JDAdams New Member

    I *think* the MD end is a female 8-pin DIN plug, and the 32X end is a female 9-pin mini-DIN plug
  8. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    The 32x is a mini 10pin DIN, which unfortunately seems to be of the non-standard variety - at least, I haven't found a shop that sells them yet.

    You are right about the MD end though, JDAdams. You can get these at just about any electronics store.
  9. SEGA_Teufel::Ger

    SEGA_Teufel::Ger New Member

    [​IMG] Thanks Curtis and JDAdams. I'll go tomorrow to an electronic store and buy me these plugs.

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