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A question about a few Saturn games.

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Pearl Jammzz, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. Pearl Jammzz

    Pearl Jammzz Member

    Anyone care to explain what these pieces saturn software are? Are they demos? compilations? What type of game? etc.

    Sega Saturn Choice Cuts

    Sega Screams

    Netlink Game Pack

    Netlink Browser Version 3.0

    Netlink Browser Version 2.0

    Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams... (demo or actual game?)

    3 Free Games Pack

    Thanks all.
  2. Flakvin

    Flakvin New Member

    Hmm, I think the netlink software is to do with that saturn modem thingy, only launched in Japan I think.

    Christmas NiGHTS was a special xmas edition of NiGHTS, I got my copy of it on the front of a Saturn magazine.
  3. SegaSaturnDDR

    SegaSaturnDDR New Member

    Sega Saturn Choice Cuts <-Music cd

    Sega Screams <-Music cd

    Netlink Game Pack <-Virtual on and daytona for netlink

    Netlink Browser Version 3.0 <-Browser (was released in the us)

    Netlink Browser Version 2.0 <-Browser (was released in the us)

    Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams <-first level demo with a lot of artwork and such

    3 Free Games Pack <-daytona, virtua fighter 2, and virtua cop which came with the saturn at one point
  4. E Nice

    E Nice New Member

    Netlink Game Pack was netlink versions Virtual On and Sega Rally Championship.

    You had to order netlink Daytona from Sega themselves.
  5. FAKK2

    FAKK2 New Member

    sega screams is NOT a music cd, I own it, and when I play it, it comes up as Sega Saturn bootleg sampler II.

    I guess it basically lets you play alot of games that never came out for it right before it died, and dreamcast came out. At least thats what I get outta it. I dont own any of the games for my Saturn that are on the CD, so they might be just beta demos?? Im not sure tho.....
  6. mal

    mal Member

    FAKK2, which games are there demos of on the bootleg sampler II?
  7. FAKK2

    FAKK2 New Member

    allright...Now nobody laugh here, like I said before, I do not have very many Saturn Games so im not sure if these ever came out or not.... they are:

    1. Virtual ON Cyber Troopers

    2. Daytona USA Championship Circut Edition

    3. Bug TOO!

    4. Three Dirty Dwarves

    5. Baku Baku Animal: World Zookeeper Contest

    6. Mr. Bones

    7. Sega Worldwide Soccer '97

    8. Fighting Vipers

    9. Virtua Cop 2

    10. Dark Savior

    they all say demonstration footage taken from a game still under development.
  8. segasonic

    segasonic New Member

    All those games saw a release, and all those demos were also on the 'Sega Flash' demo CD's we got here in the UK. :biggrin:

    I've got Bootleg Sampler vol 1, never seen vol 2 tho :( It might be rare :biggrin:
  9. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    wasn't cyber troopers on the dc? Cause i know that virtual on was on the saturn but there was a virtual on 2 on the dreamcast. Or was virtual on: cyber troopers the full name? DIdn't see it printed on the arcade machene so i'm just curious.

    (Edited by Gallstaff at 9:09 pm on April 2, 2002)
  10. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    No, the one for the DC is called Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram (VOOT for short ;)).

    As for the arcade, I belive there are 3 versions:
  11. Supergrom

    Supergrom Member

    4 player Virtual on?! that would be out of control!! I want it =)
  12. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    Yeah, in the arcades in Japan. Have you seen these videos from IGN?

    vforce1.mov 8,480 KB

    vforce2.mov 3,989 KB

    vforce3.mov 16,546 KB

    vforce4.mov 7,742 KB

    If you don't like QuickTime movies, use RAD Video Tools to convert it to uncompressed AVI, and then convert that AVI to MPEG-1 or DivX or whatever. ;)
  13. Raijin Z

    Raijin Z New Member

    I always hated Virtual On, but it came with my Saturn. I'm a diehard Armored Core GOD. The mecha in VO never felt like they had mass. You just skated and hopped around shooting fairy dust at your opponent. Everything looked as if it were being driven from the hip. It's a nice series, I'll give it that, but if I want a deep mecha game, I'll get Armored Core. In fact, I bought ALL of them. If I want a mecha fighting game, I'll get Tech Romancer. Wait a minute, I bought that too.

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