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Discussion in 'General' started by Falstaf, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. Falstaf

    Falstaf New Member

    I don't know if any of you have noticed this as well, but if you click on the active users button, you may notice a trend among our guests. The vast majority of them seem to be interested mainly in the FTP forum. Hmmm! No wonder it is so hard to sign on to them.
  2. mal

    mal Member

    The FTP forum has always been one of the most visited. It's one of the newer ones, but runs a relatively close second to the General forum.

    I can't think why...

    SEGA DAVID New Member

  4. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    maybe ice should make this a member-only forum so it can only be viewed my members, or maybe just the ftp section.
  5. gamefoo21

    gamefoo21 New Member

    i think cutting guests limitation off for the ftp section would be great. hehe but then more ppl would sign up.
  6. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    Ftp forum is VERY busy, My fault really. I have on Gens, Ages, Kega forum a direct link to it. I got tired of iso begger on them.
  7. ShinJedah

    ShinJedah New Member

    funny.I almost never visit the FTP forum.
  8. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    Me either since Im on private or friends ftps
  9. mal

    mal Member

    13 guests in the FTP forum.

  10. Falstaf

    Falstaf New Member

    I'm not totally sure that making the ftp member only is the best solution. what might be better is an ftp listing page, ie a page dedicated to port, user/password ect info, that is member only. But then, thats almost the same as making them all private. It's a tough call that needs to be made by brighter heads then mine as I don't admin or own an ftp.
  11. mal

    mal Member

    I don't think that making the FTP forum 'members only' would change things that much.

    There would just be an influx of new members.
  12. Cecilia Chen

    Cecilia Chen Ban Hammered

    What you should do is make it "Password" protected, and you need to be recognized in SX before you are given the password. That way new people who just make a login are strangers. In addition their post counts will back up this as it shows people who are dedicated and those who are not. Post count boosters get banned, strangers who log in once can't get in, FTPs are leech free, less warez and lamers, everyone is happy!

    (Edited by Cecilia Chen at 4:40 pm on Mar. 23, 2002)
  13. Quadriflax

    Quadriflax New Member

    Makes sense to me. If it's post count dependent to enter then you could weed out all the guests and leechers. And if people BS post to raise their counts then Arakon will have people to ban, and everyone will be happy. I don't really use the FTPs or even the forum, but leechers piss me off. The more they suffer, the better.
  14. gamefoo21

    gamefoo21 New Member

    at a few of the other boards i happen to visit everyonce and awhile they have 2 seperate listings for things like ftp's. you have the section where ppl that are guests and stuff can go and then you have the high grade solution where the good ftp's get put and then the only way you can even see that section is if you have eg. 50 posts. also it would root out the spammers. cuz they couldn't see it or sum such thing.

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