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Area 51

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by sheep64, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. sheep64

    sheep64 New Member

    How can I throw the collected grenades in the game Area 51? I tried to shoot on them but that didnßt worked.

    Can anybody help?
  2. E Nice

    E Nice New Member

    Odd, that is what the manual says to do.
  3. Captian Crazy

    Captian Crazy New Member

    Try having a controler plugged in the second port of your saturn controler ports.
  4. sheep64

    sheep64 New Member

    What do you mean with odd??

    I only know even and odd..

    odd numbers are 3,5,7...

    Sorry, but I don´t know what to do :(

    BTW I slighty remember the real arcarde AREA 51 game.

    Is is right the the graphics were MUCH better in the arcarde version?
  5. Captian Crazy

    Captian Crazy New Member

    Slighty im told.. I wait till I see it cheeper than 15$ as I got my PC version for a buck.... The pc version is arcade perfect except the graphics arnt nearly as deatled and not in a hig resolution...
  6. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Hehe - by "odd" he means "Oh, thats strange". English not your first language?
  7. sheep64

    sheep64 New Member

    Nope sorry.

    German is my first language.

    Hmm, or does "odd" mean to shoot from side to it?

    Not directly to the screen.

    BTW I´m not playing it with gamepad, I use my virtua gun.
  8. E Nice

    E Nice New Member

    odd = strange

    The manual to Area 51 says, when playing with the light gun, to shoot the grenade symbol. So obviously something is not right since thats not working.
  9. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Is this symbol near the corner of the screen? If so, I suggest recalibrating the gun (not sure how to do that but there's probably an option for it in the game) and/or playing from a greater distance.

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