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Basic Burning How To

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by Burpethead, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. Burpethead

    Burpethead New Member

    Im just wondering how to Burn Sega CD games. I have all the MP3 Files, a ISO, and then a .cue. How must i go about burning these? what order? all on seperate sessions or not? thanks. Im using toast on a mac but just tell me the main jist and ill get it.
  2. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    discard the cue

    drag the iso file to the "disc image" part, not cd-rom xa.

    drag the mp3s to the audio part.

    if you're using toast 5, hold option and click yes when the dialog box comes up (you're making a mixed mode cd)

    if using toast 4, enable audio tracks and drag and drop mp3s in.

    burn, and play.

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