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Bin/Cue...... on a Mac?

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by ToeJam, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. ToeJam

    ToeJam New Member

    Ok ISO/MP3 I can handle but I can't figure out how to use these BIN/CUE rips I've been getting.

    Specifically, I can get the bin to show up as a ISO 9660 disc (Track 1 data) but I can't extract any audio tracks. The CUE file seems to a useless text file since I don't have any apps that I know of that can process it.

    Anybody have experience getting these to burn successfully on a mac?
  2. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    do you have the binchunker port to mac? you can use that to turn BIN/CUE -> ISO/AIFF

    or try the latest verson of toast (5.1.2), as i have read it supports BIN files with more compatibilty, though i havent tested it.
  3. ToeJam

    ToeJam New Member

    Thanks for your help Lockecole. I'm closer now, but still haven't quite got it working.

    I updated Toast to 5.1.2 but it still only mounts/burns the iso part of the bin file.

    I tried the Mac version of Binchunker. It read the cue sheet and extracted the iso plus 40 other tracks (should be music). The only problem now is that the 40 audio tracks are not in any audio format that I can open (Binchunker gives them a .cdr extension). So now I have an ISO image file and 40 CDR image files (apparently a Disk Copy format but it gives me an unrecognizable disk error when I try to mount them). How do I burn these in Toast as a SegaCD?

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  4. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    which verson of binchunker are you using? i believe 1.1 will do automatic converson of .cdr -> .aif.

    if that dosent work, the other thing i've tried is getting a dos prog called sox, and using that in conjuction with virtual pc to convert those cdr files.

    i have the sox source here, but i'm too lazy to try and compile it into a mac executable.

    note : when you drag/drop it into toast, does it prompt you to select the bytes/sector, etc? if not, then try burning it, and it may work, but i havent tried a bin/cue -> toast rip in a while.

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  5. ToeJam

    ToeJam New Member

    I got Binchunker 1.1 which from what I can tell is the latest version. It says it should extract the audio tracks as aiff but it keeps giving me the cdr files. The cdr files seemed to fit the sector size for doing a Multitrack XA CD-ROM but those aren't readable by the SegaCD. If I just drag and drop Toast tells me the cdr files are an unreadable (audio/data) format.... :(

    I going to try a different BIN/CUE file and see if that will work.
  6. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    do not use multitrack cdrom xa for any saturn/segacd game, a waste of a cdr (XA = mode 2/2352 b/sector)

    and try dropping the bin file directly in the "disc image" mode in toast.

    also, did you try using virtual pc to convert those cdr files? (via SOX) i have done it successfully myself to burn a bin/cue uploaded to me before.

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