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Burned Saturn CDs and Emulators

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by Tarion, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Tarion

    Tarion New Member

    Hi, everybody!

    I have no Saturn but I like a lot Dragon Force and Shining of the Holy Ark.

    Right now, I have no access to original games or a Saturn but I've got a PC and Intenet conection, so I can get games ISOs over the net (thanks to this great site), as well as Sega Saturn emulator programs.

    I downloaded Dragon Force ISO and burned it on a CD-R. The CD seems to be fine, but it doesn't work in any of the emulators I have (SSF, PC-Saturn, Satourne, A-Saturn...). They just not recognise the CD.

    Is there any way of making a burned Saturn CD run using an emulator program?

    I know you have to do the swap trick to get the burned CDs work in some consoles. But, does anybody knows what to do with emulators?

  2. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    ... dude, no emulator is capible of playing commerical games!!! well there is one called girgiri project, but it only emulates the bios, so actually, i was right! THere is no emulator for sega saturn that can run anything that might interest you in the slightest. Just go get one for 30 bucks. or try ebay.
  3. mal

    mal Member

    Actually Gallstaff, you're wrong!

    SSF Tribute lists Shining the Holy Ark as

    'Runs perfectly with no noticable graphical errors'

    and Dragon Force as

    'Runs with graphical errors, missing cutscenes or other minor errors'

    in the Emulator SSF. However, they would both run slowly, even on a fast PC.

    Also they list Giri Giri as running Daytona USA and NiGHTS into Dreams perfectly, again however, slowly. Going by the screenshots on Giri Giri's website I'd say it probably runs more games as well.

    Gallstaff, did you even bother to look things up first?

    Tarion, just how did you burn the CD?
  4. Tarion

    Tarion New Member

    I've downloaded the game from the Ralos FTP server, got the ISO file and burn it with Easy CD Pro.

    I've also burned it with Nero.

    In both cases the CD I get seems to be correct.

    If I try to use it with SSF, It loads the BIOS fine, but when I put the game in the CD-ROM drive and try to play it, I get a "Disc incompatible with system" message.
  5. CrazyTaxi

    CrazyTaxi New Member

    perhaps the country code needs to be changed?(not sure..just an idea)..
  6. mal

    mal Member

    Not that I've used SSF for a long time, but I think you can easily change the country code of the Saturn. You used to do it by editing the .ini file, but now I believe it's you change it from the GUI. However, I'm not really sure.

    This page may help you out.
  7. Tarion

    Tarion New Member

    Thank you both, Mal and CrazyTaxi. You are right. I had to change the country code of the console in the ssf.ini file.

    The game works. It's slower than a turtle, but it's nothing I didn't knew. The important thing is that it works.
  8. Silender

    Silender New Member

    How exctly did you do that. My ini file in 006Alpha version is empty inside. I really want to play Shining Force 3 but the emulator did not recognize the CD as a Saturn CD (my files are a complete ISO and amusic track 17seconds only, not the game music & I wrote it with mixed mode on NTI, NERO, and Ezcd). Any help would be appreciated.I know that the emu supports the game but I don't know if it's me, my writing method or the ini file wrong.

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