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Calling to IceMan2k

Discussion in 'Music' started by siegfried9999, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. siegfried9999

    siegfried9999 New Member

    Yeah, that´s true, I have tried to contact Flakvin, but he doesn´t reply my messages.

    I think the music is a very important part of the game scene and I want to share my stuff with the community. But be aware, I only have Sega and/or Dreamcast music. I´ll be waiting for your answer. Thanks... :blush:
  2. link343

    link343 New Member

    I'll talk to him the next time he is online.
  3. KuKzz

    KuKzz New Member

    Flakvin is lost in WoW, you can forget about him :)
  4. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member


    christ... I will never play that game just in fear of that happening.

    That is also why I fear the release of Phantasy Star Universe. I WILL have to play that.
  5. siegfried9999

    siegfried9999 New Member

    Ok, but what can I do with my music, I want to share :smokin: , if you want of course, because all of you are sega fans right???? :bow
  6. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

  7. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    SEGA? Is that one of those new anime tv shows or something?

    Holy poop monsters! Flak is reading this very post as I type this... hrmmm... I guess Blizzard closed his account because he tried to sell his level 8 bajillion wizard guy with infinite resurrect casts on ebay for 5000 dollars.
  8. mal

    mal Member

    You scared him off. :/
  9. ocaddict

    ocaddict New Member

    Hey Sig, I'd love to get some of your music. I can't get enough sega tunes. Anyway we could set up an ftp or maybe direct transfer via AIM?

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