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cart games

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by calganagain, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    Where can I find information about the possibility of cart games for the SS or what have you heard?
  2. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    the slot was never made for games. I believe there is one single cart game in japan, but it's very basic and quite crappy.
  3. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    I was looking more for contemplations, abandoned plans, and unfinished development projects.
  4. Fabrizo

    Fabrizo New Member

    Can the back cart slot even transfer data fast enough to be used for decent a game?
  5. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Well if it can handle MPEG-1 encoded video...
  6. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    we are talking about the cart slot on top, not in the back.
  7. CrazyTaxi

    CrazyTaxi New Member

    i think the only cart game was Ultraman...?
  8. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    ultraman and kof 95 both have their own proprietory ROM card, which doesnt work with anything else (the kof one doesnt work with ultraman and vice versa as well)

    both games have a cd as well though
  9. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    Are you talking about extra ram carts(1MB or 4MB)?
  10. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    no im not.

    they are ROM(read only memory) carts, which hold extra information for the game(as opposed to being RAM (random access memory) carts, which can store anything sent to them, the rom carts cant be rewritten, and already have the information required for the game on them)

    they were used because its faster to access data from a rom chip than a cdrom disc

    a RAM cart is used by a few japanese games, mainly fighters, and that just stores extra information loaded from the cd into it during the game
  11. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    Now that I think of it, that makes sense.
  12. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    Have any of the rom carts been dumped?
  13. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    afaik, no they havent

    id open mine up and tell you what chip is in there, if i could find my gamebit screwdriver

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