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Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Weezer, Nov 10, 2001.

  1. Weezer

    Weezer New Member

    Not sure if I should post this here or on the FTP board, but..

    Has anyone come in contact with a .cdi file and used CDMage or CDIRip on them? If so, how did you use them? I can't get either to work right..
  2. Menk

    Menk New Member

    i dl'ed discjuggler and used that. the thing kinda sucks but it worked for me. i just uninstalled discjuggler afterward and hope i never run into another cdi file.
  3. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    its the nayive custom format used by discjuggler

    and i hate discjuggler, ive used cdmage on cdi files before but i dont remember how exactly, i could try it later and check if your still having problems
  4. Weezer

    Weezer New Member

    Please do.. since DiscJuggler is ghetto and won't work on my computer, I've either got to use CDMage(which I've toyed with and still can't figure out) and CDIRip(which won't open the CDI and get all the mp3's out of there.)

    BTW, I'm trying to do this with the Bomberman Wars and Asuka .cdi I DLed from SegataWorld.
  5. allsport11

    allsport11 New Member


    You could try to use cdi2nero then burn it. Haven't used DJ in the longest because it sucks. Never had a problem with Nero though. I use it to burn everything.


  6. Weezer

    Weezer New Member

    I used cdi nero... and now it's .nrg.

    So what now? Do I have to make that and everything a .cue like the others?
  7. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    well, i went to try and find a cdi file to documnet how to do it, but dont have a suitable one guidde you through it

    and now segata world appears to be using bin/cue rips
  8. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    you burn that using nero. should be an option in the "disc image" section i would think. nrg dosent require a cue i think.

    also, you could've used cdirip (what i used.) you wont get any mp3s tho, you'd get .wav's that are already converted.
  9. allsport11

    allsport11 New Member


    You use Nero, click on compile new cd, other cd formats, create a cd from an image file, finish, find the .nrg file, and off you go. Good luck.

  10. Weezer

    Weezer New Member

    Thanks a lot everyone.

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