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Discussion in 'General' started by Nadius, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. Nadius

    Nadius Member

    lol, oh my god.

    There's a new piracy proof disc.

    hehe. reading about this at shortnews.com, i thought it was true for a second.
  2. Cynnamin

    Cynnamin New Member

    actually, it IS true [​IMG]
  3. antime

    antime Extra Hard Mid Boss

  4. slinga

    slinga Member

    Piracy is impossible to stop. If I can play something on ANY type of player, and that includes a vinyl turntable, I can run RCA inputs to my pc's sound card and record. It won't be a perfect copy, but with a top of the line sound card it will be close.

    Also a PC will never be able to read a vinyl disc properly. Computers can only work with discrete data, such as the 0s and 1s on a cd; not continous analog data like those found on vinyl discs. Somewhere the pc must estimate the sound.
  5. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    wow... that is the stupidest hunk of crap i've ever heard in my whole life.

    (A). if that was true, no one would go buy a new turntable just to play these and thus the product would eventually fade away... unless the quality was of supirior sound to that of mp3's or CD's

    and ([​IMG]. That article looks so damn fake anyway.

    (i know it's not true, i'm just saying why bother to make an article like that and try to get people to belive that this could happen? haha)
  6. mal

    mal Member

    Gallstaff, you're priceless. [​IMG]
  7. sheep64

    sheep64 New Member

    When you would use a CD Player with Digital Out and a PC Soundcard with digital in there should not be any differences between original and copy.

    The only problem is that you need a bit more time to copy a CD, but who cares...

    It would be like in the old days when people copied CD´s to tape..
  8. VertigoXX

    VertigoXX Mid Boss

    I've already got a turntable hooked up to my PC. Strange hobby of mine. Did ya know that many albums were too long to put on CD when the format was new, so they cut songs off of them? Now that we have slightly longer CD's than they did 15 years ago, I like getting that extra song and putting it back into the album.

    I also like getting my hands on old classical recordings and restoring them a bit. Many of the restored recordings I have purchased, I have not been happy with the sound quality. So I hit the Goodwill stores and flea markets to find copies of the same performances on vinyl.
  9. DBOY

    DBOY New Member

  10. sizone

    sizone New Member

    if dropped



  11. Subura

    Subura New Member

    UMm Vinal, umm burning ripping tracks off of vinal onto 8 track

    wow that was a long time ago
  12. FLEABttn

    FLEABttn New Member

    Yeah...no. CD>LP
  13. mal

    mal Member

    Depends on your taste in sound (not music).

    Some people love the 'warmth' found with records and can't stand CDs because they find them to be cold and harsh.
  14. sizone

    sizone New Member

    people's taste in music has alot to do with it too

    there's millions of albums that haven't been remastered and rereleased. if you really wanna hear some last poets albums vinyl is still the only way to go.

    there's also alot of weird people in the solielmoon cataloge who contintue to this very day to press shit in an excluisively RECORD format.

    mr. wizard is alive and well and not hooked on crack

    remember that segement on mr. wizard?, take an lp, super glue one of those foam thread spooles ovedr the hole in the middle, inflate a ballon and secure it over the spoole, now you have mysterious HOVER LP.

    see... lp>cd
  15. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    I think mal was refering to the fact that the CD cannot reproduce a perfect sine wave the way an analogue LP can, hence the "harshness" of the sound.

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