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drawer style segacd's

Discussion in 'Genesis/Mega Drive' started by whodailli, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. whodailli

    whodailli New Member

    where can i get a drawer style segacd-usa vers with box? good cond preferably. anyone know of any sites besides ebay?
  2. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    You arent going to find a tray load model 1 sega cd with box too easily. They are quite hard to find in that condition, your best bet is to shop around where you live ask, and maybe you'll find someone that has one.
  3. rcefiro

    rcefiro New Member

    Yeah it was very hard to find mine. I found one on eBay and got it for $130 with the box and everything that came with it. Good luck with the search though.
  4. Tym

    Tym New Member

    I found mine at a game exchange genesis 2 with a sega cd model 1... 30 buck for the set.
  5. MrHappy

    MrHappy New Member

    No kidding? Not that I would ever sell mine, but its good to know being a packrat might pay off someday! :)
  6. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    i got my model 1 sega cd finally! now all i need is a cdx and I have every sega system, except for the pico, its retarded.

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