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FS: Neo Geo CD system with 2 controllers, and 94 games

Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by therock0316, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. therock0316

    therock0316 New Member

    I am selling my Neo Geo CD system with 94 games, and 2 controllers(1 big joystick, 1 joypad), no box or docs

    Price is $450 shipped firm, i am a verified paypal user. I accept paypal and money orders only.

    Here are the games i have for it

    Fatal Fury Special


    Soccer Brawl

    Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

    Quiz King of Fighters

    Master of Syougino Tatsujin

    Metal Slug 2

    Metal Slug

    King Of Fighters 99

    King of Fighters 95

    Street Hoops

    Super Sidekicks 2

    3 Count Bout

    Mahjong Kyo Retsuden

    Real Bout Fatal Fury

    Ghost Pilots

    Samurai Showdown RPG

    Final Romance 2

    Crossed Swords 2

    Crossed Swords

    Samurai Showdown

    Kabuki Clash

    King Of Fighters 96



    Art of Fighting3

    King of Fighters 97

    Top Hunter

    King of Fighters 94

    Super Sidekicks

    Aero Fighters 3

    Aero Fighters 2

    Wind Jammers

    Neo Drift Out

    Neo Turf Masters

    Super Sidekicks 3

    Ninja Master

    Puzzle Bobble

    Bust a Move

    World Heroes Perfect

    World Heroes 2

    World Heroes 2 Jet

    Samurai Showdown 2

    Mutation Nnation


    Voltage Fighter Gowkaiser

    King of Fighters 98

    Savage Rreign

    Ninja Combat

    Fatal Fury 3

    Ninja Commando

    Cyber Lip


    Magician Lord

    Baseball Stars 2

    Stakes Winner

    Baseball Stars Pro

    Over Top


    Burning Fight

    Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

    Football Frenzy

    Agressors of Dark Combat

    Rally Chase

    Magic Drop 2

    Power Spikes 2


    Galaxy Fight

    Pleasure Goal

    Top Players Golf

    League Bowling

    Samurai Showdown 4

    King of Monsters 2

    Fatal Fury 2

    Double Dragon

    Last Blade 2

    Neo Geo CD Special

    Riding Hero

    Fatal Fury

    Sengoku 2

    Last Blade

    Art of Fighting


    King of Fighters 96 Collection

    Twinkle Star Sprites

    Alpha Mission 2

    Last Resort

    Art of Fighting 2

    Robo Army


    Super Baseball 2020

    Super Spy

    Nam 1975

    Samurai Showdown 3
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    WKoT New Member

    Never mind...

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