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Genesis roms

Discussion in 'Genesis/Mega Drive' started by Smiley Rob, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. Smiley Rob

    Smiley Rob New Member

    I've downloaded many roms off the net and have always wonderd what the few letters after the roms name mean. For example :-

    Zero Tolerance (jue) [x]

    Now Ive got a good idea that (jue) means Jap, US or Europe but I dunno what the other letters mean. On some of my others there are also the letters [a], [c], [h1], [h2], [h3], [h4] and sometimes just numbers. Has anyone got an idea of what they mean?
  2. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Those are codes used by Cowering's ROM renaming utilities (GoodNES, GoodGen, GoodPCE, etc.). There's a full list in the documentation, but from what I remember:

    A - Alternate version (correct dump, but of another version of the cartridge)

    C - Bad checksum (?)

    H - Hacked

    X - Bad header (?)

    ! - Verified good dump

    A number instead of J, U, or E - Released in another region, most commonly I've seen (4), which I believe normally indicates a Brazil version.

    I'm not 100% sure on these. RTFM :).
  3. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    download goodgen (i.e. at zophar.net), it also contains a list of codes used in the names.
  4. calganagain

    calganagain Ban Hammered

    Standard Codes:

    [a] - Alternate

    [ b ] - Bad Dump

    [BF] - Bung Fix

    [c] - Cracked

    [f] - Other Fix

    [h] - Hack

    [o] - Overdump

    [p] - Pirate

    [t] - Trained

    [T] - Translation

    (Unl) - Unlicensed

    [x] - Bad Checksum

    ZZZ_ - Unclassified

    [!] - Verified Good Dump

    (???k) - ROM Size

    Special Codes:

    [C] - Color GameBoy

    - Super GameBoy

    (M#) - Multilanguage (# of Languages)

    [M] - Mono Only (NeoGeo Pocket)

    (PC10) - PlayChoice 10 (NES)

    (1) - Japan (Genesis)

    (4) - USA (Genesis)

    (5) - NTSC Only (Genesis)

    (8) - PAL Only (Genesis)

    (BS) - BS ROMS (SNES)

    (ST) - Sufami Turbo (SNES)

    (NP) - Nintendo Power (SNES)

    (Adam) - ADAM Version (Coleco)

    (PAL) - PAL Video

    Country Codes:

    (A) - Australian

    © - Chinese

    (E) - Europe

    (F) - French

    (FN) - Finland

    (G) - German

    (GR) - Greece

    (HK) - Hong Kong

    (I) - Italian

    (J) - Japan

    (K) - Korean

    (NL) - Dutch

    (PD) - Public Domain

    (S) - Spanish

    (SW) - Sweden

    (U) - USA

    (UK) - England

    (Unk) - Unknown Country

    (-) - Unknown Country

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