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Grandia and PS2

Discussion in 'General' started by Mysticales, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    Anyone notice that Grandia 1 isnt quite compat with ps2? I get that sucker to freeze a few times =( Just lost 30 mins of play grrr....
  2. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    You putting it on fast loading time? It'll do that with RPGs.
  3. Fabrizo

    Fabrizo New Member

    I never use faster loading on my PS2, but I like the smoothing textures feature. Grandia doesn't seam to like you messing with eather enhancment that the PS2 can provide though.
  4. Mario4Ever

    Mario4Ever New Member

    Fabrizo's sig is ownage.
  5. Dark

    Dark New Member

    Yeah its really nice, I laughed my ass off when I first saw it. I did not buy Grandia yet .. maybe later. planning to win the Nomad auction going now ... and im low on green so .....
  6. Dark

    Dark New Member

    By the way the sitting alien looks a bit stupid :D
  7. FLEABttn

    FLEABttn New Member

    Grandia is one of those titles the PS2 simply doesn't like.
  8. dnguyen800

    dnguyen800 New Member

    You should only use the filtering option on this game. I was able to finish the game without any problems.
  9. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    I use NORMAL mode. Not the enhanced. Sometimes I can play with no probs, other times it would freeze at points =/ (Mostly in battle)

    Anyways I learned that "speech" games DO NOT work well at all with fast mode. You get sync probs as well as faster talk and so.

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