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Great video game music site

Discussion in 'Music' started by vice86, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. vice86

    vice86 New Member

    Well since the music section is gone from here...i found another site that has TONS of video game music..check it out. Can't imagine them being around too long...their bandwidth useage must be astronomical!

  2. vice86

    vice86 New Member

    DOH...i just noticed someone mentioned this site in the other thread asking where the soundtrack section went...sorry. :(
  3. emazur

    emazur New Member

    Don't apologize, I never noticed that other post. awesome site! had stuff I never thought I'd find, like the landstalker soundtrack (which is somewhat arranged/enhanced btw)
  4. link343

    link343 New Member

    I think I was the one who orginally posted the link.

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