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How to burn (and rip) dual data mode CDs

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Shaneus, Nov 12, 2001.

  1. Shaneus

    Shaneus New Member

    pls help me... i am clueless!

    have managed to copy many a game, but LB just seems to quit loading after the red Loading... screen (after i swap, it gets to that screen... waits... then goes back to the 'Incompatible CD' screen)

    just looking for a 'once and for all' answer, coz nothing i've tried (BIN+CUE, ISO+WAV) seems to work, including blindwrite! (well aware of not being able to copy the copy protection, but worth a shot... Blindread comes up with 10 bad sectors)

    thnx ppls :)

    oh btw... dont have a modchip either, so gotta swap

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  2. Mo Threat

    Mo Threat New Member

    Are you trying to burn from ISO/WAVs or an original disc? I've burnt it [actually several dual/data games] from the original without issue using CDRWin and a really old Philips toaster.

    If you're going from files... I can only guess at what might be going wrong.

    Any more details about your situation would help figure it out.

    Oh, one last thing - is it from your region? I'm not aware of the success rates with converting dual data track games to other regions, but I've heard people complain about it not working.
  3. Shaneus

    Shaneus New Member

    :( for the lack of info...

    Is in the same region (Euro), and is an original as well...

    just had a revelation... could burning at TAO work?
  4. mal

    mal Member

    I've been lucky so far.

    I've never needed to worry about DAO or TAO.

    I just extract the disc using CDRWin, change country code with Satconv if needed and burn the bin/cue files.

    No wucking forries! :)
  5. Gear

    Gear New Member

    DAO or TAO doesn't matter much in this case. The thing is that you have to set the burner that can burn both modes.

    Check if your current copies have been well burned with CDRWIN, see in the track extractor if the cds show both modes.

    If you use blindread, make it sure you extract to the blindwrite-specific format (BWT) and burn it DAO PQ (works for me, you can try the other blinwrite modes).

    Another option is discjuggler, you have to play with these options "ignore read errors" "raw read/write" (check what works better for you). Use "CD player to CD recorder" task.

    With both programs I got working copies (I had to experiment since my original LB cd doesn't work because of big holes).

    Other programs that should work fine are nero and winoncd.
  6. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    what game are you usign to swap

    you would probabbly need one with 2 data tracks, since the toc would be very different to a normal mixed mode cd

    use an original of nights or similar maybe?
  7. Shaneus

    Shaneus New Member

    ahhh.... gotcha

    good idea!
  8. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    I have successfull burnt Last Bronx (PAL), but if IIRC, I had to use CDRWIN. Nero does not burn it, neither does Easy CD Copier Deluxe.

    You don't need a particular disc to boot it - worked fine for me with a few discs (I'm fairly sure I used Battle Monsters).
  9. Shaneus

    Shaneus New Member

    i used clonecd to burn it... that way i dun hafta worry about the options in cdrwin ;)

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