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I need schematics to wire a S-video output

Discussion in 'Genesis/Mega Drive' started by qube, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. qube

    qube New Member

    Does anyone have the schematics ?

    thank you in advance
  2. Mike G

    Mike G New Member

    Hello qube,

    Firstly you need to know which board version your Mega Drive II has. This mod *ONLY* works for the (uncommon) VA4 board - I'm afraid there's no easy way to add S-Video output to VA1 and other earlier boards. (The version number is printed on the board itself.)

    Find a chip on the board labelled CXA1645 - this is the composite encoder, which provides S-Video as well as composite output. You simply need to make the appropriate connections to the chip, as follows:

    Pin 15 - Chroma © output

    Pin 16 - Luminance (Y) output

    Pin 24 - Ground

    It's as easy as that! No other components are required, you can simply wire your cable directly to this chip.

  3. qube

    qube New Member

    thank you very much, soldering iron time !
  4. Scylla

    Scylla New Member

    With a S-Video, are you able to play with a NTSC Genesis + PAL SegaCD without viewing it on black & white?
  5. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member


    only rgb will allow that.

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