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Lunar 1, 2 and magical school.

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by pUpp3t, May 15, 2002.

  1. pUpp3t

    pUpp3t New Member

    Just wanted to know if these great games (had 1 & 2 on sega cd... playstation as well) have an option to switch to an english translation somewhere in the menu's before I download them.

    if not, does anyone know if an 'engrish' patch has been released? <G> ;x
  2. Oogami

    Oogami New Member

    Aside from the occasional Japanese-English menu option one finds, I have never, EVER seen a role-playing game where one can change the language of the dialogue from Japanese to English. And if there was, I certainly would avoid the English option at all costs (since the Japanese don't have such a great track record for "correct" English).
  3. DBOY

    DBOY New Member

    Phantasy Star Online, Japanese version. Of course that option doesn't do you much good when everyone in the game playing is typing in Japanese.

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