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NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by WhippinSean, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. WhippinSean

    WhippinSean New Member

    Hey everyone, I am burning a Saturn game and want to play it on my Model ONE Saturn. I opened it up and taped the little switch thingy, and normal games work fine with the lid open and blah blah blah..

    But now, my problem is when I burn the game. I use some old program that is called Fireburner, and when it put the game in it does not work, it takes awhile to load. Than when it loads, the cd player comes up and says there is like 999 minutes or something like that.

    So obviously I am not burning this game right. The game is Fighters Megamix, not that it matters.... but I opened it up, changed all the MP3's to waves, and there is the iso and blah blah blah. Than when I burn it, in this program, I put the iso as track one and the rest of the audio tracks as track 2 to 42. Please don't laugh at me if I am really stupid and!!!

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
  2. Raijin Z

    Raijin Z New Member

    Um, try using Easy CD Pro 95. It's available on the miscellaneous section of this site. If you don't have WinXP or 2K, it should install fine with the intructions noted next to the link for it. What you have to do is burn a dual mode disc from a disc image. EasyCD will then write the ISO file you select as the data portion of the disc, and the wav files as audio tracks. Be sure to arrange them properly after you drag and drop them into the audio box. Bleah, it's easier than it sounds.
  3. WhippinSean

    WhippinSean New Member

    Ok... thanks... but I have Windows Xp... and I have that Easy CD Pro 95, and when I installed it... every time I try to go to it.. it says it can't find any burners basically... and some message pops up telling me to upgrade... but I don't want to pay for this!!! LOL!!!

    So what should I do?? And... for this game... I just have the ISO and the sounds...

    But yeah, I have Xp and can't get that program to work,.... more help please :D :D
  4. gamefoo21

    gamefoo21 New Member

    use nero it does dual mode iso burning way better than firburner ever could i only use fireburner for bin files since nero the nero i have doesn't support .bin but every other format under the sun. go to www.nero.com and download it from the french server seems to be the only one that works. and i runs on XP
  5. WhippinSean

    WhippinSean New Member

    So how do I burn with Nero? I have the .iso and a bunch of .wavs. Do I just drop them in with the ISO first and the .wavs in sequence?
  6. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    To burn mixed mode from image with Nero, you need a cuesheet. You can either create a cuesheet manually after reading this FAQ, or use Lodger's Saturn Cue Maker to create it for you. With your cuesheet made, put it in the same folder/directory as the ISO and WAV files. With Nero open (and the New Compilation window closed out):

    --> File

    --> Burn Image...

    --> change File of type to All Files (*.*)

    --> locate and load the cuesheet

    --> choose your desired burn speed (preferably 4X or below to be safe).

    --> burn baby burn!

    Since this is your first time with Nero, it's recommended that you do a test/simulation burn first. If successful, then do the actual burn.
  7. lid230

    lid230 New Member

    I have made my cue sheet and know how to burn it, i just wanted to know will nero convert MP3's on the fly so it is ok to MP's in the cue sheet or do u have to convert to wav first then make cue.

    Thanx for the guide
  8. gamefoo21

    gamefoo21 New Member

    nero does the audio conversion. atleast it does in my version. in newer ones you can get a tie on super mp3 ripper/converter thing so look in the help file it should still.
  9. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    One way to find out is to do a test/simulation burn. If it's successful, then your version of Nero decodes them on the fly. Oh, here's what the Help Topics of Nero have to say about MP3:

    Interesting info regarding Nero:

    What has Nero have to do with Burning Rom(e) ?

    ROM is Read Only Memory and means that a medium can only be read and not written to. A CD Recordable, on the other hand, is different in so far as it can be written-to once and thereafter, is like the ROM only readable. This writing-to process has the technical term of burning, as the writing is done with a laserbeam.

    Rome is the capital of Italy and has also burned once. Emperor Nero is said to have set Rome on fire, the colosseum was also engulfed in flames. Academics still argue today about the authenticity of Neros acts, but not us. A play on words is just that, a play on words. Especially as with Nero your CD-ROMS will be on fire everytime!

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