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Need some info

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by meteor, May 18, 2002.

  1. meteor

    meteor New Member

    I collected a few bucks to buy some stuff to improve my sega genesis collection.

    I have a jvc x'eye system and need some info about it.

    First, I know that each sega cd system has Bios .. Europe, Japan, and USA ...

    the jvc x'eye has some special bios with an x in the middle when it starts.

    Till now, I only tried us games and works fine.

    So, I wanted to know if only us cds work or all regions ok ? if not .. is there a way to get all the regions work.

    Same question goes for my CDX system.

    Second, I was thinking it would be cool to play Knuckles Chaotix .. but first I need to know if Sega 32X works on those two systems or not.

    And then, same thing with the official converter to play Sega Master games .. someone told me it will not fit in the jvc slot , but I still dont know about the CDX.

    I am asking this because my unofficial mega converter works on the regular genesis but didnt work on the x'eye.
  2. Arakon

    Arakon New Member

    it has a country lockout just like the normal segacds.

    I'm not sure any versions of the CDX cart work on them, so the only way MIGHT be a bios replacement.. which is a bitch to do cause they BIOS is a surface mounted chip on both.

    I think it works on CDX, but it'll be VERY shaky.

    nope, the original one won't fit. it's HUGE.

    3rd party ones that are cart-sized should fit.. but if these systems still have the SMS mode, I don't know. chances are they don't, just like the genesis 3 and nomad.
  3. meteor

    meteor New Member

    thats fucked up yo .. nothing runs

    ur multibios chip wont work ?
  4. Arakon

    Arakon New Member

    it will.. with LOTS of rewiring. you need to remove the surface mount chip, connect wires to all points on the PCB where the chip was, then wire these to a socket. 40 wires, and not 1:1 either, since the pinout differs. also, in a cdx you will definately not have the space for this.
  5. meteor

    meteor New Member

    oh man ..

    if I send it to u and u do all the work .. how much the total will be ? or u dont do that kinda stuff ?
  6. Arakon

    Arakon New Member

    a kidney, your soul, and a bundle of cash.

    sorry, but that's the kinda things I rarely even do for myself.. too damn much work.

    you could check around for electronics shops that do repairs.. maybe they'll do that as well.
  7. meteor

    meteor New Member

    u got urself a deal [​IMG]

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