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Patching text in Jap games?

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by coolsteve5, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. coolsteve5

    coolsteve5 New Member

    would it be possible to import text maybe from say a psx version of grandia to the jap saturn some how or any other game that has already been ported over like lunar and stuff becuase it would be great to play these games on the saturn and actualy be able to understand it
  2. RadSil

    RadSil New Member

    No, I've tried that already, with Grandia. The scripts for the PSX game are in a completely different format than those on the Saturn.
  3. morey

    morey New Member

    It doesn't work that way. And, not all text is in a magical file. Most of the time, the text is embedded into images, etc.
  4. coolsteve5

    coolsteve5 New Member

    there has to be some way to get the jap text to english

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