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Please help me burning Panzer Dragoon Saga

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Braindead13, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. Braindead13

    Braindead13 New Member


    I burned the first disc of PDS using fireburner-everything worked so far-when I use the disc in my Pal Saturn with swaptrick and 4in1 Action Replay(because its US) the game starts but then says: "Please remove any cartridge" and then goes to the Audio player of the Saturn.

    Then I used Satconv and changed the region to European ad burned it with Nero-then I used again the swap method(without 4in1 AR) and nothing happens-the Saturn goes directly to the Audio menu.

    What can I do to play this great game?

    I also hae a japanese Saturn if this could help.
  2. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    Is the game in bin + cue format? mine was and burned it fine for a north american saturn, you'll probably have to convery the game to iso mp3, and do the satconv to change country codes and then it will work.
  3. Braindead13

    Braindead13 New Member

    Yes it is in bin+cue format-I used satconv with the bin file and it said that it is a US game so I changed the bin file to Europe but that did not help.

    Is it wrong to use Satconv with bin files?

    If yes-which program should I use to convert the bin file into iso and mp3 format? Isobuster?

    Thank you!
  4. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    If you have converted the game using Satconv to your local area, you no longer need that 4-in-1. Try removing it and see if that works.

    Satconv works fine with BINs.

    There are instructions on conversion of file in the misc. section of this board (under the ripping guide, I think).
  5. mal

    mal Member

    Panzer Dragoon Saga is very picky about cartridges.

    It certainly won't run with an Action Replay in.

    I think someone once said it will run with an ST key. Or was it a Saturn Satellite?
  6. Braindead13

    Braindead13 New Member

    thats my problem!

    First I tried the unconverted US file in my Pal Saturn with 4in1 AR but then the message from PDS came that I should remove any cartridge-after the message the game quitted.

    Then I converted the US file to an european file and burned it. I tried this file in my Pal Saturn Without Action Replay(only swaptrick) and nothing happened-it directly went to the Audio CD menu of the Saturn.

    Has someone converted the US PDS to European and got it to work on a Pal Saturn?
  7. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    You probably didnt do the swap correctly, when it directly goes to the audio menu, usually you were too early or too late on your swap. Try the swap method again and if hat doesnt work I dont know what to tlel you, my copy of pds worked fine when i swapped it in.
  8. mal

    mal Member

    I've gotten the US PDS to convert and play on my PAL Saturn.

    However, I have a modboard installed.
  9. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    If it works, it should work on his with no problem.
  10. mal

    mal Member


    I just wanted to point out that I couldn't give any swapping advice.
  11. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    Ok well its all cool, he should now have enough info to get thru his problem with pds.
  12. Braindead13

    Braindead13 New Member

    Thanks for all your help!

    I tried everything now- I changed the region even to japanese and tried it in my jap. Saturn but that also doesn´t work :(

    I think that I don´t swap wrong because evey other game I got to work via swap.

    But I also think that I burned it correct because the "Please remove any cartridges" writing when I tried it with Action Replay is written in letters from Panzer Dragoon Saga.

    I wasted 8 CDrs till now but I still try on to get it to work :)
  13. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    If all else, it could be a proglem with your cdr media. try a different manufacturer of disc.
  14. Braindead13

    Braindead13 New Member

    okay-that is the last thing I will do: I try a different CDr-perhaps then I will have more luck.
  15. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    ...also slow down your burn speed. If you burn past 4x, there can be some issues. I have PDS running fine on my PAL Saturn - it was converted from the US contry code to Euro.

    I also have an official Saturn mem cart in the slot.
  16. Braindead13

    Braindead13 New Member

    I will give up-I tried everything witout any luck-I burned it also with 2x speed but nothing changed.

    Thanks anyway for all your tips and help!
  17. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    where did you get this bin/cue rip from? what does the cue say?
  18. Braindead13

    Braindead13 New Member


    I got it from ralos ftp-I downloaded all 4 discs from there.

    That is the content of the cue-file:


    TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

    INDEX 01 00:00:00


    PREGAP 00:02:00

    INDEX 01 60:59:23


    INDEX 00 61:07:60

    INDEX 01 61:09:60

    Do you have any idea what I can try to get it to work?
  19. PiCiJi

    PiCiJi New Member

    There is a way, you don't need to convert from us to Europe. make a country mod for your saturn.

    look at this page:


    I have done this and it works fine for my pal Saturn. PDS(us) works without problems. for CDR detection I use a modchip board from lik sang. If the country modification isn't working with PDS, then the swap trick is no option to boot the game.
  20. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    did you try running binchunker and try burning it binchunked? (split into an ISO file, and two WAV's)

    (Edited by lockecole2 at 8:39 pm on Jan. 23, 2002)

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