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Saturn Development Central moved.

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by cdoty, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. cdoty

    cdoty New Member

    Saturn Development Central has moved to http://saturndev.emuvibes.com

    Consoledev.com appears to be down.
  2. Warlord111

    Warlord111 New Member

    Are you sure thats right?because I'm getting not found.
  3. Ex Cyber

    Ex Cyber New Member

    I was wondering what happened... did you get my e-mail about saturn-run?
  4. cdoty

    cdoty New Member

    The URL is correct. The hosting appeared to having some problems. It's working now though.

    I don't think I got the e-mail about Saturn-Run.
  5. cdoty

    cdoty New Member

    I fixed one addidtion problem with Saturn Development Central, the files were not available. I updated the HTML, and forgot to upload a directory.

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