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Saturn savefiles

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by gamer se, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. gamer se

    gamer se New Member

    I finaly got my Netlink to work. I can e-mail savefiles from my Saturn and download files from planetweb´s Game Exchange. But if I tries to e-mail savefiles from Outlook it won´t work. If I opens the e-mail in Outlook the attachment is there but not if I opens it with Netlink.
  2. Strictly Styles

    Strictly Styles New Member

    dont use outlook, it sucks(too virus prone)

    and its not good for attachments, try a web based email

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  3. antime

    antime Extra Hard Mid Boss

    The Netlink seems to use a slightly broken version of MIME, which is why simply attaching the saves won't work. I guess you could manually insert the headers (copy them from a Planetweb mail) and then insert the b64-encoded file.
  4. Strictly Styles

    Strictly Styles New Member

    you sure? i know a few people(2) that can do it, dunno how but they can do it

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