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Saturn Snatcher Translation

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by Artemio Urbina, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. Artemio Urbina

    Artemio Urbina New Member

    Hello all, since the last thread dissapeared I just want to offer te guys that are working on these the resources I have.

    I once extracted all the Sega CD text (the file you can find on the net) and also I extracted all the PCM audio of that same version to wav and mp3. i know it is low quality (for Saturn standards) but *maybe* it can be of use. If you requiere any of these, count with them.

    I only have the PSX and Sega CD versions of Snatcher. I kinda remember that the PSX and Sat versions were identical, maybe I can find something pout of that one.

    Good luck

  2. SkankinMonkey

    SkankinMonkey Member

    actually the PSX and Saturn version differ greatly. the psx version had scenes totally redrawn, while the Saturn version only had the backgrounds changed. but any help you can offer is well accepted, we've looked at the Sega-CD version already, and the text was fairly easy to locate in it, but we still havent had much luck in the Saturn version, simply because we think it has some weird type of encoding.
  3. Captian Crazy

    Captian Crazy New Member

    eh....Jap version of Snatcher for the Sega/Mega CD.... it dosent exist.. A Jap version was for the TG16CD but the Sega/Mega CD versions werent realsed in japan...
  4. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member


    they're referring to the US Sega CD version of Snatcher and the Saturn version of Snatcher.
  5. SkankinMonkey

    SkankinMonkey Member

    We were not talking about a japanese version for the Sega CD, dumbass. We're working on the saturn version. *sigh*
  6. hyde

    hyde New Member

    LOL hahaha, captian moronic, haha bug, you just made my day...
  7. Captian Crazy

    Captian Crazy New Member

    this is what i ment to post "we've looked at the Sega-CD version already, and the text was fairly easy to fairly easy to locate in it but why would wat ot translate the Emglish version of snatcher for the Sega CD
  8. SkankinMonkey

    SkankinMonkey Member

    you fack

    ing moron. we're translating the saturn version of snatcher. all i said was that we know where the text is in the Sega-CD version. But considering they are on two different consoles, and in two different languages, it's not that easy. Before you come in here ranting, look crap

  9. Artemio Urbina

    Artemio Urbina New Member

    I wil spell it out for you captain....

    The text of the Sega CD version is easily extracted but it is only a reference to translate the Saturn version (I.E. this last one has better gfx, sound, different CPU, different programers, different language, etc)
  10. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    even with you 'spelling it out', i'm sure he still does not get it.
  11. Captian Crazy

    Captian Crazy New Member

    yea i get it (Edit) excusse me i just though aof a idea you see you are translating the Saturn verson i think you would be able to put the Script from the Sega CD version in to the saturn version... Worth a shot if it can be don though snatcher looks like a cool game

    (Edited by Captian Crazy at 12:14 pm on April 19, 2001)
  12. SkankinMonkey

    SkankinMonkey Member

    @!$#@!#$@#$%@!# You moron, if it were that easy, i would've done it in five minutes and released it. The file structures are TOTALLY different. The sega CD version has about 10-15 individual files for text, whereas the Saturn version probably only has 1. Plus, there would be a problem with the font, size, etc. PLEASE, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, SO DONT TALK AT ALL.
  13. Artemio Urbina

    Artemio Urbina New Member

    Well.. I was wondering if you guys have an Action Replay and a PC comm link card... I managed to change the text in some japanese Saturn games while running (of course this doesn't imply that what is in memory hasn't been procesed in some way.. most probably that binary info can't be found on the CD... or maybe it does.....)

    My point is.. if you have such a device and can be checking the changes in RAM during a text intensive sequence in which gfx aren't changed (Jordan fact base?), maybe... you can find out something about how the text is stored. I will try to check that on a Goldenfinger/PSX (I know it won't give a hint about the Sat version, but I will try) when I return from Vegas by next Friday.

    Wish you luck


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  14. Alex Kid

    Alex Kid New Member


    Can't really help you much with this hack (don't have the game), but a couple of tips. Many saturn games appear to use SJIS, well i have played with about 5 games and all used SJIS.

    Many games have a font file by itself (if your lucky it could be a *.fon file). The size of a full kanji font file is around 240kb (in 1bpp), so check files around that size. Most games use 16x16 size, though i have noticed a few still using 8x8. If your lucky you may find a 8x16 english font, i have found this in a couple of games, though i could not figure out how to use them :(

    Good luck!

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