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Discussion in 'Sega Master System and Game Gear' started by SEGA DAVID, Feb 21, 2002.


    SEGA DAVID New Member

    i have like never played one or seen one. Anyone got any pics and info? like price and stuff? is it worth getting?
  2. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

  3. Cynnamin

    Cynnamin New Member

    Yes, it is worth getting.

    Graphics are considerably better than the NES. The game selection isn't as huge but there are many fine RPG's on the system as well as 3D glasses AND games on cards {ala tg16}.

    I wouldn't pay more than 85$ for a system in good condition.
  4. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member


    I got mine (model 1) for 4$, and that included a NES.. both in good, working condition.
  5. Rade

    Rade New Member

    I managed to score a SMS1, SMS2, controolers, hookups, 4 complete games, pretty good working condition for 10 dollars Canadian.

    85 is like an ebay price.
  6. Cynnamin

    Cynnamin New Member

    If he doesn't know what one looks like, he could end up buying some cardboard box with the word sega written on it at a pawn shop that sells it as a Master System.
  7. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    Master system 2 wasnt very good, whomever got that one was severly ripped off, unless you got a model 1 and you can actally play all the 3d games, missile defence 3d was a great game for its time. The 3d glasses in general was great, plus the my hero game card.

    SEGA DAVID New Member

    so i should get the model 1? anyway have any pics and info?
  9. Cynnamin

    Cynnamin New Member

    I think you might be able to find something at www.davesclassics.com or .org or .net. I can never remember....
  10. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    Buy a model 1 with light phaser and 3d glasses if possible. And of course missile defence 3d and you'll see what i mean.

    SEGA DAVID New Member

    ok thanx im checkin it out now
  12. kyosuke75

    kyosuke75 New Member

    Good luck finding the model 1 with the light phaser and 3d goggles. Its very very hard to find that complete. You are lucky enough if you find the 3d goggles. The 3d goggles go for 100+ complete alone since they did sell that seperately at one point.

    And out run 3d is one of the holy grails of SMS. Very hard to find that one and some TEC TOY games from Brazil.

    If you find those, you don't pay too much for em since they can be VERY costly to a collector.


    SEGA DAVID New Member

    aight thanx

    my stepdad has a freind who works for sega so maybe he could help me out
  14. Raijin Z

    Raijin Z New Member

    I used to have 2. Neither worked. I also had a large paper bag full of games. -_- Not anymore.

    SEGA DAVID New Member

    im still trying to find an SMS

    any info or help?
  16. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member


    SEGA DAVID New Member

    aight thanx a lot man
  18. M3d10n

    M3d10n New Member

    The sell that thing new down here (Brazil). But not the original model. It's one newer, rounded model, that has no 3D glasses plug.

    But I think the obscure game dumps have piles of old model 1 SMSes lying around. And boxes fulla old games.

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