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some problems with saturn + action replay

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by pansen7x7, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. pansen7x7

    pansen7x7 New Member

    ok, i got a saturn 2 pal, and i want to run the games i downloaded. i heard something that i dont need to do the swaptrick if i have an action replay...

    i got one, its called "aciton replay pro", and its got a port to connect it to my pc.

    so can ya tell me how to use it so i dont have to do the swaptrick?

    another question is, the action replay should have 4Mb of memory, but lot games say there isnt enough memory to save anything (simcity 200 e.g. ... btw its an fucking bullshit game!!)

    can ya help me? thx alot :)
  2. Yumcha0110

    Yumcha0110 New Member

    I hate these god !@#$%^ #### people!

    You know just by the way they assume a PAR Cart can let you play CD-Rs that they never bought an orignal saturn game in their life. They just got a system because they heard "You can download warez for a saturn easy."

    As far as I care, you can go f*ck yourself. Even the most dumb newbie does more research and knows more about how a Saturn works than he does. ####, even a dumb PSX Fanboy would have done BETTER and asked about a mod, before this Sh*t.

    Read the F*cking guides and do some research. If you need to ask dumb ass questions like this, you shouldn't even be here.

    I hope no one answers your reply with respect, because why should anyone invest the time to help you when you can't even do research and help yourself?

    (Edited by Yumcha0110 at 5:26 pm on Feb. 7, 2002)
  3. pansen7x7

    pansen7x7 New Member

    ok mister superboy!

    if your interessted in, i own:

    sega mastersystem I

    sega mastersystem II

    mega drive + CD I

    mega drive + CD II

    sega Nomad

    sega Dreamcast

    3* NES



    atari 2600 the first version

    atari 2600 the last version

    and aditional i even still got an old 386 + a 486 to play all my fucking oldschool pc-games that you even dont about as far as i can imagine... and all the fuck i've got is original!!!! thousands of fucking deutschmarks i spend on this hole shit, since i'm 12!! so all i did was downloading some games for my saturn, cause i now finaly got ADSL... i didn't care any fuck about copied games till now, so i didn't know some things about it.

    so if i friendly ask some people here to give me some advise, its not your task to fuck with me in that way, ok?

    P.S.: excuse my sometimes bad english, i'm german...

    cya, pansen7x7of_LMS and member of #heterofront!!
  4. Nimoy

    Nimoy New Member

    Yumcha0110, I know it is frustrating when newbies come along and don't bother to exercise their own legs to find out about these things, but ####, was it really necessary to go all out berzerker?

    Anyways pansen7x7, a 4-in-1 device like the Action Replay Plus will allow you to play import games, games that require expansion ram, backup ram, and use cheat codes. It does NOT however give you the ability to use CD-Rs without a swap. The only way to boot CD-Rs directly without using the swap trick is to get a modchip. No way around that I'm afraid. And while the devices do have 4 megs of ram available in them for your savegames, you cannot save directly to the cart. You can copy your saves back and forth between the cart and your system ram when in the ARP menu and that is it. If a game is telling you that you don't have enough space to save, it means your main Saturn ram doesn't have enough space. Copy saves you aren't using to the cart for the time being to free up enough space for SimCity.
  5. pansen7x7

    pansen7x7 New Member

    thx alot...

    now i know about it :)
  6. visciouslymamed

    visciouslymamed New Member

    Just a small correction. I have the ARP and it doesn't have the extended ram. It just has the backup ram. You will not be able to play any game requiring a 1 or 4 Meg ram card with this. Thought I would let you know before you bought some of these games (personal experience).

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