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Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by VariableX, Nov 17, 2001.

  1. VariableX

    VariableX New Member

    I just finish burning yuyu hakusho with a tdk cd and it worked perfectly. the video didnt skip a bit.
  2. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Yeah, I don't have a 3DO but I've heard good things about TDK. It should be noted though that some "TDK" discs aren't actually made by TDK. What do your discs look like, and does the package say they were made in Taiwan?
  3. Mo Threat

    Mo Threat New Member

    Yeah TDKs work great in my Goldy too.

    I found out today that the genero Imations [Primaris] work good too. I was a touch sketchy about 'em 'cause they was #### cheap - I got a gang of 'em @ $0.19 each.

    Check previous posts for other Gold friendly brands.
  4. Schmoov

    Schmoov New Member

    They work great in every time console ever made, even the xbox. i would make love to them if i could, but their reflection layer really lays me off...

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