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Way of the Warrior uploaded to the FTP

Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by Kaos42, Jun 2, 2001.

  1. Kaos42

    Kaos42 New Member

    One of the 3 games i first plaied for 3DO ( memories ..... so long ago )
  2. Kaos42

    Kaos42 New Member

    Will also post Virtuoso and Crash'n'Burn if anyone wants
  3. ossuary

    ossuary New Member

    where is the ftp?

    can you email me the info?
  4. Andreas

    Andreas New Member


    Can you mail me the Ftp too please?

    Would be very nice!

  5. Darkotix

    Darkotix New Member

    sup guyz, way of the warrior rulez.... join IRC Channel #3DO on irc.infatech.net

    see ya there! -|)

  6. booey

    booey New Member

    Can I get the ftp info PLEASE!!!!, i'm dying to play some of the older 3DO games.


  7. Cyriades

    Cyriades New Member

    Heheheh....Way of the Warrior had style out the ears. secrets too. Wouldn't mind playing that again, I can't find it anywhere. I had like over 10 3DO games, I sold it to someone, and when I bought it back later, none of the games would work except Wolfenstein. arrrrrggh!! and to think that...one of them was...*shudder* SSF2T!!

    so yeah, i wouldn't mind knowing that ftp info. johnston@wpmedia.com

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