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you all know this right ? wow read this

Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by Xavier, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. Xavier

    Xavier Mid Boss

    I started this message with one train of thought then ended with another .

    Jb harold for the pc engine can be translated to english

    You have to play around in the options screen on somthing like the second line third line , and poof the whole game is english including voice tracks .

    Dont remember exactly how its been over 10 years but this is a very decent muder mystery game .

    Looking for it now , this one websight says it was released on turbo...but ive only seen the pc engine version . Hmm i see there was a version call manhattan requim for the ld player ..thats the same as the cd-rom for turbo right ? it looks like the same game . NO this a different Laserdisc game . Dont really remember this system ..



    NEW YORK, September 13, 1993 -- Marking its entry into the

    multimedia and videogame arena, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

    announces the retail launch of LaserActive -- the industry's first

    multi-platform system to combine high-quality full motion video,

    digital sound and interactive capabilities.

    More than a sophisticated alternative to CD-ROM based systems,

    LaserActive utilizes superior quality analog video that is the

    hallmark of the LaserDisc format, and a high density data

    storage capacity to provide consumers with the most advanced and

    versatile interactive entertainment system on the market today.

    Available October 1, LaserActive will be sold through national

    and specialty retailers in New York, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth,

    Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. Pioneer will offer an

    initial selection of Mega LD and LD-ROM2 titles including I Will,

    Pyramid Patrol, Econosaurus and The Great Pyramid. Eight (or ten)

    additional titles are scheduled for release in November and December

    of this year.

    "LaserActive offers an unprecedented level of interactive performance",

    said Sho Yamada, president and CEO of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

    "It achieves the highest quality full motion interactive video

    possible and realizes the potential for future compatibility with other

    multimedia formats. Based on its future viability, LaserActive will

    not only expand the LaserDisc business, but will create an

    industry-wide demand for more sophisticated interactive home



    The system, which consists of a main unit (a combination

    LaserDisc/CD player), the CLD-A100, and one of three optional

    control packs, was developed in technical cooperation with SEGA

    Enterprises and NEC Home Electronics. The PAC-S10, developed in

    conjunction with SEGA Enterprises, will enable users to play

    eight- and 12-inch LaserActive Mega LD discs, in addition to existing

    SEGA CDs and Genesis ROM cartridges, and standard CD+G discs.

    The PAC-N10, developed in conjunction with NEC Home Electronics,

    will allow consumers to play eight- and 12-inch LaserActive

    LD-ROM discs, as well as current Turbo Graphx CD-ROM discs and

    game cartridges and CD+G discs. The PAC-K1 will provide

    compatibility with over 200 available LaserKaraoke titles.

    Designed to take full advantage of existing software libraries

    including more than 50,000 CDs, 7,500 movie titles, xxx

    videogames and 2,000 LaserKaraoke hit songs, LaserActive extends

    the utility and performance level of a multimedia product

    beyond current competing formats.

    "Given the high degree of software compatibility and tangible

    consumer benefits, we're confident about LaserActive's market

    acceptance," said Mike Fidler, senior vice president of Pioneer's

    home electronics marketing division.

    "The emergence of digital based interactive systems, with

    limited and non-compatible specifications, has created a lot of

    confusion at both the retail and consumer level. LaserActive,

    which is based on LaserDisc technology, offers consumers a

    familiar product with advanced performance capabilities, an

    existing software base and a strong dealer support network."


    LaserActive offers not only the superior sound and picture

    quality of LaserDisc, but the necessary storage for advanced,

    interactive software applications. Existing interactive formats

    digitally store an application program plus images, sound and

    other data within a 540 megabyte area. LaserActive consists of

    the same 540 megabyte area, plus a separate 60-minute analog

    image and FM audio storage area, which allows the 540 megabyte

    area to be used exclusively for interactive data capabilities.

    Due to the use of existing photographic imagery, LaserActive

    software can be easily produced without the need for digitization.

    The LaserActive Mega LD authoring system combines commercially

    available equipment (including a personal computer, in-circuit

    emulator, Pioneer's rewriteable video disc recorder and interface

    board) and a SEGA CD authoring system, enabling developers to

    integrate both analog and digital information. This production

    capability creates an abundance of software possibilities and

    contributes to budget, time and manpower savings for developers

    and multimedia publishers.

    Software Development

    Pioneer is currently discussing software development and

    production opportunities with leading U.S. multimedia developers

    including the New Learning Project, Virgin Games, Digital

    Pictures and SEGA of America. Additionally, the company plans

    to establish a special division at its headquarters in Long

    Beach, Calif., that will be responsible for LaserActive software

    development in the United States.

    One of the division's responsibilities will be to organize a

    "Multimedia Creators Network," which will consist of individual

    computer graphic experts, musicians, film producers, directors

    and academic researchers, who have expressed interest in

    developing LaserActive software. This U.S.-based Network will

    be modeled after the Multimedia Creators Network in Japan,

    recently established by Pioneer Electronic Corp.

    SEGA Enterprises and NEC's Home Electronics division will grant

    respective licenses for their MEGA LD and LD-ROM formats. Pioneer

    will grant licenses for both formats, while all three companies will

    continue to encourage LaserActive software development by third

    party domestic and foreign collaborators.

    Advertising and Promotions

    To coincide with the market introduction, Pioneer will

    implement a national print advertising campaign targeting

    high-profile consumer and industry publications, as well as

    major metropolitan newspapers within each market. Direct mail

    and in-store point-of-purchase materials will be used to

    reinforce the versatility and superior performance of LaserActive

    among consumer and retail audiences. Pioneer also will provide regional

    advertising and dealer event support in the major markets.

    Product Availability

    The LaserActive player and control packs will be available in

    October 1993 at the following suggested retail prices:

    CLD-A100 $970

    PAC-S10 $600

    PAC-N10 $600

    PAC-K1 $350

    LaserActive software will retail for $120 per title.
  2. FAKK2

    FAKK2 New Member

    Yea, Duh...Thats the system I have made a TON of video samples for you guys to see and not 1 person wanted to see this incredible machine....what a shock!! and a shame, its better than X Box IMO.
  3. Scylla

    Scylla New Member

    3DO caused sensation because it had a renting system which allowed you to have the console and a lot of games by less of 1$ a day...

    (In Spain)
  4. Xavier

    Xavier Mid Boss

    What are you talking about ?
  5. FAKK2

    FAKK2 New Member

    Hahaha were talking about the Pioneer LaserActive not the 3DO. hehehe

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