Dinosaur Planet - Star Fox Adventures proto dumped
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This has to be one of the most important proto dumps ever released so why not revive the nintendo section here for once.
Garfield: Caught in the Act - 2021, February 16th
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Released in the late genesis/game gear year of 1995, vbt supposedly played this nonstop in the summer of 1995 and it's his favorite Garfield game.
Fenrir ODE Firmware Update - 2021/02/07
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A bit late with the news, but a new firmware update is out!

Release Notes
  • Fix IGR
  • Fix crack in first Audio track
  • Fix Dracula X audio issues
  • Fix sd scan crash
Fenrir ODE Firmware Update - 2021/02/02
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Release Notes
  • Add Internal Backup Ram export to sdcard
  • Fix Bug! and Mass Destruction
  • CD timing rewrite
  • Preparation for 21 version

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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Typing Project E
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This is my very first English translation patch for the Sega Dreamcast, a console I have a tremendous passion for. The only other system that comes close for me is the Saturn (go figure).
Irena Genesis Metal Fury Kickstarter
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Irena Genesis Metal Fury is a brand new shoot'em up designed for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive which is inspired by classic games of the 90’s such as Thunder Force III / IV, Aero Blaster, Super Shinobi II and Contra Hard Corps.

Fenrir 21-pin version update
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Ced2911 reports that the Fenrir 21-pin version is now compatible with all hardware revisions.
Fenrir ODE Firmware Update - 2020/10/28
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Release Notes
  • Add Internal Backup Ram export to sdcard

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What's a homepage?
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I added a homepage like we used to have, so it's almost like we're a real boy--website again!

Let me know if there are any problems.
XMas Release : Kronos 2.1.5
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Amazing release by the Kronos Team ( @FCare @Benjamin Siskoo )

Features : Added bios language option. Games like Rayman or Powerslave will be in the language of your choice and depends of the bios. (Will-LWE).
ST-V Emulation : Cotton 2 : Fixed missing trees (FCare).
ST-V Emulation : Mausuke No Ojama The World : Fixed missing background in game (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : 3D Baseball : Fixed sound problem in game. Speaker said the name of the player twice (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Astra Super Stars : Fixed non booting game. The game is now bootable and playable (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Capcom Generation 5 : Fixed missing Arts. The screen is not properly displayed (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Corpe Killer : Fixed non booting game. In game, when you shoot enemies, they're not dying (Devmiyax).
Saturn Emulation : GeGeGe No Kitarou - Gentou Kaikitan : Use the built in bios, the game is playable with. With the real bios, the game is not booting (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Joe Engine : Fixed Rotation (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Kidou Senshi Z Gundam - Zenpen Zeta No Kodou : The game is booting and is playable with the built-in bios but not working with the real bios (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Kunoichi Torimonochou : Fixed missing GFX on the press start screen. The game is now playable (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Moon Cradle : The game is booting and playable with the built-in bios, but not working with the real bios (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : NBA Live 98 : Fixed colors problem in game (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : NFL Quarterback Club '97 : Fixed GFX artefacts on players in game (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : NHL '98 : Fixed freeze before entering in game. The game is booting and it's almost playable. Flickering with stands (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : NHL All-Star Hockey : Fixed non booting game. The game is now booting and playable (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Nobunaga No Yabou Sengoku...

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