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    Satiator news

    Ooooo! I am really looking forward to it...hopefully non-patreons will be able to order one without much difficulty.
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    Satiator news

    There has been an update but its for Patron supporters only...does anyone have insight in what it says? Beta kits shipping???
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Personally, I've come to the conclusion that our red carts have gone through a hardware change and there is a minor incompatibility to existing software...of course I am also talking out of my butt so I am probably wrong. :P
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Well...I ran 100 tests and had 0 errors. Thus far, its only been 5 or 6 disks that display this issue and to be clear, the issue ONLY appears with these disks.
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    So I tried a couple of more burnt discs and still the same. Magic Knight Rayearth won't boot past the opening FMV but at least now I am certain its the PS and not my laser because it won't play in my modded Saturn if I use the PS on it as well! On my modded Saturn, even if I exit out to the main...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    I think the cart is OK...everything works and I even updated the firmware. In any case, most of my backups boot without issue and the cart's behavior is unchanged. I'll try different media and try again. FYI I've continued testing and comparing with my other mod-chipped Saturn...Policenauts has...
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    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Hello to all...gosh its been a while since I've In any case, I recently picked up a "This is Cool" console (stealth brag) and paired it with an "all-in-one" styled Pseudo Saturn red cart...every backup I've thrown at it works perfectly EXCEPT for Magic Knight Rayearth. The game...
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    Turning my Saturn into an Arcade Bartop

    Hello all! It's been 10 years since I last posted here...I haven't had a lot to say, I guess. :/ In any case, I've just recently discovered the Rhea/Phoebus mod that allows our Saturns to run games from an SD card and after recently building a Retopie machine, I can't help but think that a...
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    Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

    For the time this game came out, it was THE game to own on the system. I remeber being "wowed" by the opening cinema and showing it to my friends. The facial and body animations were also quite impresive for their time and still hold up quite well. The fact that it was fully 3D was also...
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    National Intelligence Director

    What is Condi Rice gonna do now...bring coffee to the new director. Well, she already brings it to Bush. Vote often as possible. ;)
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    Turning your NES into a Saturn...

    1 word...why? Yes, I'm still alive. ;)
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    Official bootdisk useful?

    Wow...the thread from the dead. Um...yes the image will allow running of CERTAIN games on CDR's. Not all games are compatible however and even still, you would need to swap trick the Saturn to boot the boot disk. Interesting from a developer and programmer point of view, but completely useless...
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    Giri Giri Help

    One last thing...It didn't work for me without the GiriGiri Loader. So get it!
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    Giri Giri Help

    Boy, are some of you going to love me... The trick is to UNINSTALL the XP patch! Don't know if it will work for eveyone else, but for me that is all I had to do! With the patch installed, the EMU kept reading my CD door as "open"...not sure why though. To make sure that it was the patch that...
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    A reliable place to buy a...

    I would wait and see what comes of the recent ability to load Linux. It could be possible in the near future to run ANY unsigned code without a chip. Just my $0.02...