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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday Dreamcast! (North America) 12 Years ago today - man that makes me feel old.
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    Sonc The Hedgehog games best to least best

    My top 3 are the genesis classics. 1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 2. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 3. Sonic the Hedgehog 1 The next 2 are nostalgic favorites of mine but probably don't hold up now. 4. Sonic 2 (Game Gear) 5. Sonic Adventure (DC) To round out the list of games I've played and can remember...
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    Sega Rally Revo

    This game was a great current gen remake. It had a great arcade feel with nice, gameplay changing track deformation. Its too bad that Sega sold off the studio after the game was done. IMO SRS was a victim of its own success - the game was spot on in the sega rally feel but the market isn't there...
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    Death Tank coming to Xbox Live!

    The classic multiplayer saturn game is getting a facelift and online play. There has been much said about this game on SX, I can't wait to see how some of you stack up online. Death tank. Ready for action.
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    nullDC Sega Dreamcast Emulator - Public Beta 1

    Wow... I'm very impressed. This is the first I've heard of this emulator and it definitely works great. The 1 game I tried ran ~%90 with sound on my old 2ghz single core pc... on a dual core and with some tweaking it will be easier than ever to relive the dc glory days. Maybe even further down...
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    Sonic and the Secret of the Rings for the 30/03/2007

    The release date got bumped forward,its now coming out Feb. 20th I'm hoping it'll be good... the most recent games should tell me otherwise but on the bright side I highly doubt anything could be worse than Sonic 360/Ps3
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    New nextgen Sonic pictures :)

    I rented it for 360 and tried to like it but the game is just broken. It feels like they tacked on a new story to the old Sonic Adventure engine, made the flaws more apparent, didn't test it, and called it a next gen product. Graphically it is underwhelming and gameplay wise it is just flat out...
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday Cloud, sorry I missed the celebration by a few hours. Congrats, you can now legally drink in Alberta. I'll buy you a beer if you're ever in the area :cheers You just barely beat me :p ---Ammut
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    Virtua Tennis coming on "all" platforms

    I'd rather it come to the Wii than PSP... but I can't wait for it on both 360 and PS3. It will of course be online...I will gladly beat anyone from SX whaen it comes out :P ---Ammut
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    [For sale] Dreamcast acessories

    I'm interested in the Total Control 5 Plus but would like to see what else you're selling atm. That saturn controller looks hot - how much for that? :) ---Ammut
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    Sega Announces a Bizarre 3rd Person Shooter!

    I disliked PGR but loved PGR2... even if you aren't a fan of the style of racing you have to admit the graphics are impressive. I can't wait to see what they can pull off outside of a racing environment.
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    What games have you bought lately?

    bought Racing Gears Advance today... great game, one of GBA's best for sure.
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    Longest Load Time EVER!

    The Commo what? Is that like the Nintendo 64? *Cranky old voice* why back in my day we had only 1 game, and it took hours to react to the button being pressed. :P
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    hi-saturn for sale

    How much to ship to Canada? Thanks.
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    WTS a ton of items for all sega systems

    What exactly is left? I saw quite a few things I'd be interested in on that list...