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    Somebody help me!!!

    I was going to suggest the symantec tool, but then I read the post again... uh, if that doesn't work, I think has a different removal tool... And, uh, the symantec one has a bunch of instructions that come...
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    Ever thought of doing this?

    I tried the fresnel thing. Doesn't work that well, but I was too lazy to paint the inside of the box to reduce the glare so that might have contributed. Aparently if you do it just right it's supposed to work pretty well.
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    Ever thought of doing this?

    That sounds like a really cool idea. I played Wolfenstein 3D a long time ago in my computer class on the projector. It kicked ass. One thing; I remember in some Nintendo game manuals it said the game would damage "Projector TVs" with it's repeditive motion or something like that.