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    Shenmue 3

    Probably not where you read it, but Gamespot reported on the rumors as well.
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    fun fun game

    Good luck...
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    fun fun game

    Mail Order Monsters?
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    fun fun game

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    fun fun game

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    fun fun game

    Doctor Hauzer?
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    Worst game ever

    Shaq Fu was pretty bad...
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    Where to buy....
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    Panzer Dragoon Sweepstakes

    I figured some of you would be interested in this:
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    Painting your systems.....;t=146
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    Arcade cabinets

    This site may be of some assistance, too. Its really about MAME cabs, but it does explain how to hook up several different consoles to your standard JAMMA cab. For the record, I was able to get a fully functional, 6 button JAMMA cab, with 19" monitor for...
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    CD-I Philips

    Don't worry, you're not alone. I used to watch the CD-I infomercial all the time. Hell, I almost bought one because of it. Also, I still have the WebTV infomercial on tape - I just had to see it more than once. :D
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    CEX ... Your opinions plz

    Yeah, they are.
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    CEX ... Your opinions plz

    Myname, I love your signature. It speaks volumes about some of the people on this board. Perhaps not enough, though. :D
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    Stereo speakers

    I'd stick with the cheap speakers until I could afford some high quality ones. No point in wasting money on something if you plan on replacing it soon after. Polk, Infinity, JBL, and Klipsch all make great speakers, fwiw, and I recommend you price their stuff before you make your decision...