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    "Crack the SEGA Saturn copy protection" contest

    I'm sorry but I disagree - the VCD card mainly served to play VCD's, and NOT as an addon for games. The thing is, the CD block won't let you read beyond the first 32k of the disc, normally, if there is no security check done (which fails if there is no security ring). BUT, the VCD card can...
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    "Crack the SEGA Saturn copy protection" contest

    Now we're on the subject (to some extent), I wonder how the VCD card can get the Saturn to read data from discs without security ring :looney
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    Hacked a 21pin mod to 20 pin saturn

    :banana Now that would be nice, especially with the imminent decline of CD lasers. Best of luck! If you succeed I'll send you some money to get drunk :D
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    10 Years of the Saturn

    Wow, the Saturn. I remember reading about it in may 1995, in my brother's first (and only) games magazine. By then it wasn't released in Europe yet, and all I had was a NES. Due to the quite sketchy information (I was 10 by then, in fact the system was released in Japan 1 day after my birthday...
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    Shenmue II

    Yes indeed, first and foremost it's for the beloved Dreamcast :damn: Gawd, this board is so America-centric :flamethrower:
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    FLOUPIX ! The funniest homebrew Saturn game !

    Anyone got screenshots? I'm afraid I cant play the game (swapping kills and I sold my modchips) but it would be interesting to see :-)
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    well, my list pales in comparison with dj898's no doubt: -Jewels of the Oracle complete, supposedly the rarest PAL game (PAL only) -Dragon Force complete, PAL -Deep Fear PAL (discs only) And if we take local rarity into account my Netlink is super rare as I have yet to come across another...
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    50Hz/60Hz switch on model 1 PAL Saturn: how?

    I have one of those early model 1 Saturns (with the separate power board). After some searching I found the location marked JP1 (on the bottom side, near the cartridge connector if I remember correctly) and bridged it with a bit of solder from a way too inaccurate soldering gun with a 3mm head...
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    Hyper Street Fighter II

    And me loves it :cool: If it gets released for a budget price like over here in Holland (30e) I can really recommend it, a nice piece of history and one of the few 2D games on PS2. :cheers
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    Saturn GameShark v 1.7 Help

    if it has a LPT-style port on it, you can hook it up to a comms-card (separate ISA card you put in your PC, it DOES NOT work with a standard parallel port) and reflash it. But you might also try ExCyber's reflash disc, with the swap trick.
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    Mortal Kombat Trilogy........

    hey, its not totally unlikely as the Saturn Sophia devkit can map the RAM into the cartridge area (it can have up to 32mb RAM I think).
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    Favorite PC Game Soundtrack?

    :agree I second that. It rules! :cheers
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    Compressed (game?) sources in Savaki

    Pardon my ignorance, what is Savaki?
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    This site claims to sell 64 pin mod chips

    I ordered 4 of them, tried to keep the website secret but unfortunately you guys found it :devil
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    Just to clear up some old confusion

    No probs, I figured someone might already know... and my discs are blank unfortunately (they'll stay 'virgin' forever).