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    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    wow, this games...its THE game. i'll been playing orta in full dolby digital 5.1 and with composite video! its incridible the sound its awsome por dios, este juego tiene las mejores y mas detalladas graficas que e visto....o las mejores. pero creanme...realmente es...
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    sakura taisen 4

    hey, does somebody played sakura taisen4 on the dreamcast this game was one of the lastest important games to hit the dreamcast (well japan) and men...!! its and awsome game. has one of the most beautiful graphics on the dreamcast, the music appears to come from other world and make full...
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    if you can have some japanese games...

    like the topic say what are the best imports (japanese games that does not been released on the american/europe market) for the play know...something like....super robot wars 2nd alpha or sakura taisen hot blood if you can, what ps2 games you wish to have (japanese...
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    The best mod chip for PS2

    so, whats the best mod for ps2, cuz i want to buy a mod for my ps2 but there are varoius mods so i dont want to go wrong i used to have the usb mod called S-box i have to buy another laser len.....
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    what do you think about SHENMUE II (X-BOX)

    well you see the topic i been playing shenmue II for x-box the last week and i think that is a master piece, of course shenmue2 has his faults (what game not) but well its a must have for all the owners of x-box but in the reviews of ''renamed'' magz, like electronic gaming monthly, the score...
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    what about kimagure orange road

    just.....remember the good old the days the fantastic 80's this series are all about the 80's are the mirror of that years the music is amazing, madoka its just beautiful, has a great history, characters, all in kimagure its just great and for me has a fantastic feeling when i saw it all i...
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    Lupin The Third

    youre right lupin the third is a fantastic anime series, has one of the best anime themes ( ja! two mix and fanstastic plastic machine, two j-pop groups has their own version of the theme) by the way sega saturn ddr, do still have your excellent FTP, beacause my hard drive get fixed and i lost...
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    where i can find turbo cd games

    well i just want to know if theres a page that have games for the turbo cd or some FTP's i know i cant ask about this (or i can) but well i just want help, because im planning to buy one but if cant have various games ...what is the porpuse of having a turbo duo, right so if someone want to...
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    turboduo or turbo cd?

    really!!!! hey thats good........ oh..yes,sure..........the only problem is that i live in
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    what are the genesis/megadrive must haves

    what are your all time games for the genesis what games should i have, you know the must haves for all genesis owner
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    if i own a master system.......

    hey i just want to know what are the must haves for the system. the best games
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    turboduo or turbo cd?

    i'll been thinking of buying a turbographics/cd or a turbo duo but i dont know how much i must pay so how much i must pay for a turboduo and how much pay for a turbocd(yes i need a turbographx)
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    how much i must pay?

    i'm planning to buy a 3do with 20+games adn 2 controllers but im not in 3do, so i dont know how much is good to pay. the guy sell all for $200 the 3do fz-10, inlcludes some good games like super street fighter II turbo and so. so instruct me please, its worth to have a 3do?
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    panzer dragoon orta

    hi guys how you see panzer dragoon orta on x-box did you buy an x-box just for this game well, i'll have to buy an x-box just for this one its marvelous and have 5.1 sound on real time i want to play it now now what do you think let me know did i have to buy an x-box?
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    I think i've scared myself for life...

    I think i've scared myself for life... i love two mix hironobu kageyama x-japan the vocal tracks from bubble gum crisis like konya wa hurricane mad machine etc the japanese music rules its the best