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    Why must women be so annoying

    Is that "shuo zang hua"? =) -Archiver, who admits he pulled that straight from Google.
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    I admit I haven't been posting much lately, I've actually been busy contributing to an open-source project, and have recently started dating someone, so that's taken up some of my time I would spend here. I'm not found of the FTP coming back for the same reasons most people are already giving...
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    lol, that's cool. I have to ask, what does that mean?
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    What video games are you playing at the moment?

    Guwange, Puyo Puyo (MAME) Fear Effect, Wipeout 3, Ridge Racer Type 4 (PSX) UT2K3, StepMania (PC)
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    stupid thing i discussed today

    lol... of all things... I must be the black sheep here, I stopped wearing boxers ages ago. I wear black bikini briefs because I find them the most comfortable. Really. Boxers can bunch up on you and generate a lot of heat... it's kind of like wearing a long sleeved shirt under a sweater, only...
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    Maybe it's my perception...

    Maybe it's my perception... Haven't been hibernating yet. Actually, I've been playing a lot of games lately. Some of them are even with the new girl I'm dating
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    Temporary poll...

    Hey, great. I've voted yes. When I suggested this idea, I meant to follow up to say that I'd be willing to help out if any help is needed. Thanks.
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    Jaguar emulator

    re: i doubt it i doubt it'll even get the level of attention that n64 emulation recieved If you mean public interest, I wouldn't expect it to get the same level of attention (or hype) as N64 emulation, no. What I meant by it's time it got some attention, is that it's nice someone's...
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    Jaguar emulator

    Yup, that's the Jag CD, alright. All these years, and the thing still looks like a big black toilet ;-) BTW kids, note the cord length on the controller - that's pretty accurate on how long they were. I agree, it *is* time the Jag started getting some attention, hopefully we'll see it mature in...
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    Corpse Killer?

    re cornersheep's questions: 1) Has anyone heard of any other Sega CD/32X games? If so, were they any good? Supreme Warrior - is on the same acting/production level as Corpse Killer, although I think SW is a bit more fun to play. Fahrenheit - decent set production, lots of influence from the...
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    problem in lunar 1 soundtracks...

    Yup, AmyGrrl is right on the money. I've made accurate rips from the original, and still the MP3s are slightly out of sync. It's not horribly out of sync, but it's off just enough to annoy the hell out of me I think it's the Fraunhofer MP3 timing bugs, but who knows. There are two Sega CD...
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    Eternal Champions

    Not sure if you're remembering things right..? =) It's my understanding that by default the Eternal Champions CD uses 256 colors simultaneously through a software trick, and is the only game to do so.
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    Night Trap

    I remember Night Trap getting some significant coverage on the ABC Late Night News (I think, it's been a while) at that time. The "Violence and Videogames" special gave mention most to Night Trap and Mortal Kombat. The news anchor kept making comments, something like "Coming up next... do you...
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    Looking for NERO ISO burning guides...

    Here is what I would personally do: 1) Find a way to get CDRWin working. Seriously. Because you're constantly going to be dealing with the same format in almost every case... and CDRWin is good for the bulk of these games. If you have version 4.0a beta, try rolling back to the earlier 3.x...
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    Yaargh! PD Zwei won't work!

    Yaargh! PD Zwei won't work! Maybe if you'd actually owned an original "Shiny PD Zwei ISO" you might have been able to appreciate the "Lame-o video intro" which was pretty good for 1994/5. With such a cavalier attitude coupled with impatience that rivals a child badly needing to unrinate...