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    Jim Power

    It also came out on the PC Engine cd.
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    anyone know any good rpg's?

    anyone know any good rpg's? There also is Legend fo Oasis an action/RPG
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    File Format

    Yes and no. It depends on what your tring to do? It's also kind of hard to explain without getting really technical.
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    Emulators and about the TG16 in general

    Since I have no idea what title your tring to get to work. For Magic Engine download a system card and don't use the magic system cards that come with it. For YAME just load up the system card and have a cd in the cd drive and it should work fine. Hugo I have no experience with. You might want...
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    Emulators and about the TG16 in general

    Not really but I recommend using Disk Juggler or Clone cd.
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    Emulators and about the TG16 in general

    Well there YAME and Hogo and I thought three was one other that can play cds for emulators. I don't feel like running through all the different systems and system cards so maybe someone else will do that Most cds tiles are region free except for a few that will only work on a Japanese system...
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    Sega CD games list

    Not that I know of. I think your also missing Smurf which is supposed to be a PAL exclusive.
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    Sega CD games list

    You missed Alshark.
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    Suggestions for Turbo Duo games

    If you like Dragon Quest Dragon Slayer Legend of Heroes 1 is good, plus it's in english. Besides the story Cosmic Fantasy 2 really isn't that good. The only other english RPGs that you can get are Cadash on hucard and Exile 1 and 2 on cd format. all 3 are kind of so so but if you can get them...
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    Opinion: Best 3d Fighter

    Fighters Megamix
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    cdrs on laseractive?

    I thought the CDX could if I remember right.
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    How I got the Duo....

    I think all Duos kind of suffer from the problem. I've already had 2 die on me. I have a Coregrafx and cd add on and it work fine. Play all orignals great. It play backups fine but every now than I have to adjust the lens on it. Maybe the Japanese Duos are made better but I only had one for a...
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    How do I make backups of MY PCE Duo games?

    I generally just use either Disk Juggler or Clone cd for PC Engine games. You can just use the default setting. Also don't use crappy CDRs liek Memorex. I generally stick with TDK or Verbatim CDRs. As long as you copy the cds right they should play fine on a system. I've even had a Duo before...
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    Which Crow are you talking about? Crow the City of Angels or Crows the Battle Action for the Sega Saturn. Both are pretty bad imho.
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    legend of oasis

    I've beaten it as well but that was a few years ago. I think the 2 player mode might of been accessed through a code if I remember right.