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    CD-R in FZ-1

    You're correct, all models will play CD-R's. I have heard the old rumor of Goldstar's being very picky about media. However being a Goldstar owner I have debunked this belief, mine will play any type cd-r i throw in it.
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    Several of the titles you are looking for were never released for 3DO. Bummer too, some of them would have rocked.
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    21-pin ribbon cable wanted

    lan-kwei has them for cheap. I've dealt with them before, they are good place. (Hey you can't go wrong with a $13 (shipped) Saturn mod-board.)
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    Where to buy?

    I want to thank everyone for their help and ideas! After much looking around and window shopping I finally sucked it in and bought one off ebay. It turned out to be just what I wanted too! So I guess you can't beat that. Now if the damn thing would just hurry up and get here life would be more...
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    Help with Gens and WinXP

    Looks like the link to the d/l on their page isn't working. ####!
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    Planet 3DO MEGA-UPDATE!

    Planet 3DO MEGA-UPDATE!!! Come to Planet 3DO and see just what we've been up to! * Featuring up to-the-minute 3DO News and Developments! Emulator news! Good Deal Games update! Our very first interview! 3DO on mIRC! And so much more! * An all new Pop Quiz with a cool prize package! * All...
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    The 2 new(er) Sega CD titles  

    While some of you are so merrily bashing GDG's Publishing Dept. let's not forget one thing. If it weren't for them and other companies efforts us classic gamers would never have any hope of playing any new games on our old systems. Whether the games suck or not I applaud their efforts, CD-R's...
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    Which 3DO?

    I really don't think this deserves a reply but....what the fuck? What is this an english lesson? Apparently you were the only one confused by my post.
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    Which 3DO?

    I still think you're confusing yourself with the VCD adapter for the Goldstar unit.
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    Which 3DO?

    It bothers you when somebody presses you for the knowledge that you claim to have? Weak man, real weak. Look, plain and simple, Panasonic did not ever release there VCD adapter for their 3DO outside of Japan. Even in Japan is was released in very small numbers, more of an afterthought type of...
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    Which 3DO?

    So uh, care to tell us where you can find the slightly common VCD adapters for the Panasonic models? Come now, don't be shy....
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    There's no reason to be an ass about it.
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    Where to buy?

    Hey all! Been thinking about getting a Neo-Geo. Is there anywhere out there I might be able to find a console other that ebay?
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    It won't do you much good though. I have ripped open a 3DO disc and most of the files inside are of an unknown type to Windows. In short, yep there they are but you can't do anything with em!
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    Which 3DO?

    The only 3DO you can get the VCD adapter for is the Goldstar model. Panasonic released a VCD adapter in EXTREMELY limited quantities in Japan only. If gameplay is all you are after then go with the FZ-1, that mother is a tank and is the best one produced. If you plan on watching VCD's then...