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    Sega Saturn Mod Chip For Sale

    Sorry.. i bought mine a while back at anyhow ok well $18.00 + shipping for the modchip!
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    Sega Saturn Mod Chip For Sale

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    Sega Saturn Mod Chip For Sale

    I have one Sega Saturn Mod Chip for Sale... $26.00 + Shipping, I only accept paypal.. message me if interested...
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    Cant get sega cd(model 1)working

    Hey man i had the same problem... i tried many things from trying different plugs and moving the connection between the system and sega cd. well i found the fix... some guy on this fourm "thank you whoever you are", read the message SEGA CD POWER ISSUES in this forum, that is the fix, and its...
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    Classic Philips CD-I System

    What happended to the classic Philips CD-I, I just picked model 910 up from a pawn store dirt cheap... was there any good games for this system... , I remember seeing this system on TV along time ago... anybody recommend any games or know where to get them?, oh and it doesnt have a controller or...
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    New Dreamcast! New BBA, Useless...

    ok here is my situation... I bought a new dreamcast off of ebay which came with 6 crappy sports titles... GREAT!, bought a used like new Broadband adapter in box but with no CD, i have a web browser 2.0 disk but does not support broadband... I'd like to browse the web with the latest browser...
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    X'Eye hey the X-eye use the regular Audio video cables like your vcr does.. the plug is the same as a sega cdx but it also uses the regualr genesis adapter, well atleast my x-eye works with it..
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    Sega Saturn Burning Help

    so just to make sure... this is my plan, copy my saturn games using nero, and play my copied games using the swap trick and im good to go... right...
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    Sega Saturn Burning Help

    ok i want to copy some saturn games from original CD to CDR, then use the swap trick to play with burning... can it be just as easy as just burning with nero using the CD copy method and everything is good to go or do i need to do someother method using certain settings, ect. any help...
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    Nero Burning

    Ok... I burn with nero, "Sega CD Games that is" well what i do it basically click on CD-Copy, and ethier make a cdr copy directly or i burn a *.nrg file to the hard drive (then copy later on a cdr)... they seem to work fine "usually I just throw them in the sega cd player to make sure they work...