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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HH

    I agree with Eticam. Good game, but too short and too easy.
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    Sega Camera on PS2?

    I think the thing with using Sony cameras, is all about money. I bet Sony'll pay a shitload to sega for it. +Sega pulled back from the hardware market, remember? As for the EyeToy camera, it's 1 of 3 possible models. Two which are registered on a computer as a Logitech cam, while the last...
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    Faking a server?

    Ah, ofcourse. if that´s the case, then I´ll drop it. Anyway, I´m no supporter of that. (piracy that is)
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    Final Insult to Dreamcast

    Actualy, I got the feeling that those who won those DCs for that low price doesnt think it´s a shame ^_^ But I do get angry when I see ended auctions like that... I was once looking for the Square Millenium Boxes (PSX) Suddenly found an auction that ended while I clicked on it... A PSone...
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    Faking a server?

    Yup, and by tricking the game to download a patch from another "server" than the normal one, we´re already on the right track for achieving my goal ^_ As for the backup thing... Well, why the hell shouldn´t I use that word... Okay, I bet 99,99999999999999% percent of the users of that...
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    PSO + GBA and quests...

    Recently, there´s been dumps of link-up games and e-card games... So I got the feeling that the EZ flash linker is the one that enables a person to do so... As you use the GBA itself as the both the flasher and dumper. (connected to a PC through a special USB cable...) Atleast E-cards can be...
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    Faking a server?

    Funny thing came to my attention... Anyone familiar with how to boot backups on a GC? well, it´s done by using PSO, connecting the GC to a computer, connecting to the computer through the correct IP seetings and stuff in PSO... And bang, you´ré already faking a PSO server (partialy) And...
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    I think this is illegal.....

    Auctions like these show up every day, almost every hour... Only a few of them slips through the fingers of ebay... Hell, even Betas and prototypes are illegal to sell on ebay now :-/
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    New Evil Dead Movie?

    ^_^ Let´s hope that if it becomes reality, they´ll actualy spend time on making it like a B movie. (Sorta like Bruce´s cameo in "The Majestic" + the original 3 Evil dead movies... wait a minute, like everything Bruce plays in... okay, he has a few cameos in non-B movies though, like Spiderman)
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    Panzer Dragon Orta, and all things X-box

    I´d stay away from Halo, as it´s actualy just an overhyped FPS game... (not gonna go into details) Anyway, Panzer Dragoon Orta is a good buy as it´s´´basicly 2 games in one! (Orta + you get the original PD as a bonus ^_^) Also, modding the xbox so you can run emulators for the...
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    N-GAGE -> Up yours :-P Anyone seen that horrible "Become a N-GAGE elite" (or something like) page that Nokia has put up!? They wanna pay you for playing with that thing! (honestly, that´s something they should´ve done anyway... no matter what) I don´t like the N-Gage, ´nuff said! I feel...
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    Hello, and Sega Dreamcast is...

    Love the Genesis/MegaDrive... Multiple designs. Add-on equipment (I love add-ons and extra hardware... but I don't love the price though...)
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    Sega 3D AGES games...

    Well, Golden Axe and Space Harrier bumped through that strange crack in my door today... (actualy, I don't get my mail delivered that way, it's actualy delivered in a mailbox 300meters away from my place...) Anyway, Golden Axe was a disgrace... It looks like something homemade... Without any...
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    Is LikSang reliable?

    LikSang is perfectly reliable! (´nuff said)
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    Sega 3D AGES games...

    I thought those green dwarfes were in Golden Axe 1 on the Genesis (along with the Blue ones, just that the Green were "rare") oh well... Anyway, finaly there´ll be something like a "new" golden axe... oh well...