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    I love Shenmue! It's so fun and the games in the arcade rule. I just want Shenmue III to be released. I don't know how many people have seen this, but I'll post it anyway, forgive me if this has been posted here before: Shenmue Parody :banana
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    There's a board missing..

    There's a board missing.. Isn't what you did considered illegal, I think it is. If Iceman2k could, I belive that he could take you to court for your actions. I really don't know much that went on behind the scenes though, but from what I have read it seems likely that you are liable for some...
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    That is too true. I am living proof of that. I remember the FTP board I mainly used it as a try it before you buy it. An example of this is when I went there and got Snatcher because I heard it was good. I downloaded it, was amazed and then I bought it. I gave up on FTPs for the Sega CD in...
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    I am currently re-playing Snatcher for the Sega CD again.  I am trying to get into the winter/holiday mood.   You gotta love that Alton Plaza!  
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    Final Fight Revenge

    I think I would like this game since I am a fan of the Final Fight world. I don't think I am going to purchase this game any time soon though. I think I will buy Policenauts first, then I will buy this game. Thank you everyone, for your opinions and information about this game.
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    I think that guide/walkthrough has sealed the deal for making me want to buy the game. Now that I know I can get through the game without getting stuck.  Cheers to the person or people who made it. Cheers to you Spiderman for the link!  
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    This game intrigues me, although I don't know any Japanese at all. I think I may buy this game off of Ebay sometime between the end of November and the beginning of Februrary. Is this game still good even if you don't know Japanese? Of course I will buy the Saturn version of this game, but...
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    New Sega CD game "Citizen X" a fake?

    Maybe I should give it a shot, but I don't don't think I will buy the beta game for 25 bucks. Good job posting FAKK 2. I will probably like it since I like many FMV games.
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    Night Trap

    I like this game, as well as other FMV games like Double Switch, Ground Zero Texas and Road Avenger. I think I have this mental problem becuase not only do I like FMV games, I also like Panic! Night Trap was a pretty cool idea, but it got too blown out of proportion with all its controversy...
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    Final Fight Revenge

    Could someone tell me how much this game goes for on Ebay, and what you think a reasonable price for this game is? Any other input would be nice. I loved the original Final Fight and I think I would like the one on one fighting in Final Fight Revenge.
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    Dragon Force

    This game rules, too bad that it takes a big chunk of memory for saving games, I am glad I am getting my 4-in-1 Cart in the mail soon. Then I can transfer my game save to the cart.
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    eighties music

    I am sorry about you. But in the US, it was the time when Regan ruled! President Ronald Regan was cool.
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    Which Saturn can I mod?

    Thanks Mal. I think I will buy the modchip soon, only problem is I don't have a soldering iron in my college apartment. How much does a soldering iron go for, just a simple one. I guess they can't be that much.
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    eighties music

    I like 80's music. I wish I could live in that decade. Too bad I was born in 1983. I was a little kid for the decade. I like music like Huey Lewis and the News, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Billy Idol and some Michael Jackson. I would do anything to live in the 80's. I will probably pick...
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    Which Saturn can I mod?

    Heya! Could someone tell me what this PC Trap thing is, or post a picture of it? I am thinking about getting the modchip from Lik-Sang. I have a Model 2 Saturn made in October 1996, it is also a 21 pin Saturn with a 32 pin IC. Does anyone think that the Lik-Sang modchip will work with my...