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    longest time playing a game

    back in 1990,17 hours straight with out going to the bathroom and eating lol (man thats tough stuff for little kid) the game was Zelda for the NES lol man i was like 6 years old back then me and my cuzin woke up at 6am started playing right away. it was all planed the night before becuase we...
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    Tomb Raider video is strange

    thats just the way it is i used to have that game back and the days and i remember that becuase i thought it was annoying too
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    Is it normal for the CD.....

    each disc has different times when it needs to be swaped most are the same but there are few out there that arnt among the norm ex: dragon force . this game needs to be swaped very quickly , like right when the lazer reaches the end the moment it looks for data it needs to have been swaped were...
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    S video

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    S video

    how much better does saturn games look with a s video cable compared to a Av cable thanks
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    Model 1 and Model 2 Saturns

    model one is easier to do the swap trick on becuase the little lite blinks tellin you when to swap discs
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    Patching text in Jap games?

    there has to be some way to get the jap text to english
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    Patching text in Jap games?

    would it be possible to import text maybe from say a psx version of grandia to the jap saturn some how or any other game that has already been ported over like lunar and stuff becuase it would be great to play these games on the saturn and actualy be able to understand it
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    Patching Jap games???

    i was just wondering if anyone is working on patching some of the great jap rps that never made it here like dragon force 2 and grandia
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    What the hell is Shenmue saturn?

    Do you think we could some how contact sega or some one that works or had worked for them and maybe make a bargin with them for the betas of sonic and shemnue
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    yeah imi playing on a US saturn that could be it ill have to llook for a us version of nights to see if it does the same do you know anyone that has it?
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    game shark was made for saturn i should know i have one it has 9999 blocks of space or something like that and it also lets you play import games if you press xyz while the system is booting up
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    as far as i remeber and from lookin at my christmas nights disk NIghts shouldnt have any slow down but yet i recorded nights and its slow as a goat i dont understand could it be the media im using or could it be the bin file was bad or something im thinking more on the lines of the bad media...
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    What pin mod chip for system two

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    What pin mod chip for system two

    what mod chip (21pin or 20pin) does the model 2 system use thanks