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    Mortal Kombat

    Though I don't think MK has stood the test of time in terms of playability, I loved this game so much when it came out. I preordered it for Genesis, then went out and got a job so I could pay for it (I was 14, and went to work selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door.) I played it everyday...
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    I need LE or special edition dc stuff

    If you haven't picked it up yet, Lik Sang has Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack for $9.90 ;)
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    3 word stories

    got my hat and coat
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    3 word stories

    down to the corner drugstore
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    3 word stories

    Being a security guard makes
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    The re-occurring

    Grateful Dead - Hundred Year Hall, Disc 2 ATM specifically the 17 min. 44 sec. version of Truckin'. Amazing how they could stretch 4 songs to over an hour without getting boring.
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    3 word stories

    creaked slowly open like my
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    Sonic R

    I may be biased since racing games are my favorite genre, but I really don't understand why everyone hates this game so much. The control is not great, but it's not that bad. Especially compared to Gale Racer or Destruction Derby. The graphics are nice and the gameplay is quite enjoyable, I...
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    Emulator in a Saturn 2-Player Arcade Stick

    That looks like one of the most worthwhile projects I've seen in a while Much luck to the person(s) working on it!
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    Sonic CD Beta

    I can't speak of the 712 release, but I have the 409 and 510 releases, and they are most certainly not fake.
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    WOO!! NGE!

    Only 2 episodes, huh? <_< Well what good is that?! Oh, well, my uncle has the whole series on DVD, we watch a few eps. every time I visit. Maybe we'll get it finished one day, then I won't care if it's on CN.
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    WOO!! NGE!

    Man, Cartoon Network is showing Evangelion! I don't know when this started, but it's on RIGHT NOW. This couldn't be more exciting, I used to hate anime, NGE is what changed my mind. Anyway, enough rambling, turn on your t.v.s!
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    Fabrizo's (not so) new music video....

    Fabrizo's (not so) new music video.... Thought I recognized that video...I'm glad it wasn't just me this time.
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    I'm an anarcho-commi leftist! What are you?

    I'm an anarcho-commi leftist! What are you? good lord joe81, your liberality humbles even a dirty pinko like me! want me to help you bring down capitalism? ::
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    I'm an anarcho-commi leftist! What are you?

    I'm an anarcho-commi leftist! What are you? Libertarians believe in personal freedom (personal liberty.) Authoritarians need someone to rule over them with an iron fist.