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    Geno in brawl?

    Just wondering what you guys think about the possibility of Geno being in the upcoming Brawl. They did just delay it, so I'm guessing that he still stands a chance. Perhaps he'll make an entrance as an unlockable secret character. Would be awesome, have wanted him in this game for a long time now ;D
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    Rumour : new wiimote and Firefox on Wii ?

    woot for firefox...hope this is true
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    Screenshot section ?

    Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars Super Mario Sunshine Super Mario All Stars (Any of the original Mario games) Star Fox (Snes, N64, GCN, DS included) Jet Force Gemini Super Mario 64 Donkey Kong (any console that applies) Hope that's good...
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    PS3 Delayed !!!

    It was delayed but only in Europe. But still - a win-win for the Wii.
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    New High Scores Pages

    950 on Starfox for the N64. Did while taking the entire left route in the galaxy.
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    Favorite Nintendo Characters

    Geno - 'nuff said
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    This Place is Kinda Dead :(

    It would be nice to some times (i know it's difficult and time consuming), but not every month - maybe once every 3, to change the layout of the site. Even minor changes would work well. It'd also be nice (I'm sounding repeatitive now) to have more active members. Maybe if we manage a point...
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    zSNES Emulator

    ...ago. Glad to see someone cared. :)
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    PS3 games can't be rented?

    Sony isn't stupid. Here is what'll happen. Rental games will universally work on all PS3's. When lending to friend's, you'll be able to play the game - just not be able to download onto your hard-drive. That's what the one time activation thing is. To download the game onto your hard-drive so...
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    Think it's possible for us to see Geno in Brawl?

    We have Snake in brawl. Why not Geno from "Super Mario RPG The Legend of the Seven Stars". This was the very first game that Nintendo and Square made together (i think, correct me if I'm wrong). And is also the first RPG Mario had starred in (correct me again if I'm wrong). If implemented he...
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    This Place is Kinda Dead :(

    i only come here when i'm really bored and have nothing better else to do. There's really nothing new to look at. Kind of depressing... guess i'll just talk to the few people left...
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!

    Sure Nintendo is making us excited, but really when this game gets close to launch I wouldn't be suprised if we saw people like Olimar (Pikmin), Krystal, Slippy, and Star Wolf (Star Fox), well yeah you see my point. The list goes on and on. As said before, this is going to be the best game...
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    Nintendo's Smart Move

    Bye bye PSP! You've been bragging about your internet browser and awesome media cababilities. Yet still the DS has outsold you 10:1! And now Nintendo has decided to add a internet browser, music player, something that lets you watch your favorite TV shows, and rumor has it a camera! Sony made...
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    Soundtrack Request Thread

    Name: Super Mario All Stars System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System I thought it would be cool to have some retro Nintendo music. This soundtrack would have plenty of that! Thanks a bunch!
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    Original vs Lite

    I don't see a battery light, I don't feel the need to cash in another 150 again to get this also!